ADATA is excited to introduce the Theme Series T001 Soccer Jersey drive, a USB drive dressed in your favorite soccer teams’ jerseys – the perfect gadget to show off your passion for the world’s most popular sport. Encased in quality rubber, the T001 is a rugged storage device that resists spills and shock from impact, serving as the perfect protection for all your data.

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Show Your Loyalty!

Available in an assortment of jersey designs, each drive bears one of seven national flags, including Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Korea, Mexico and the United States. The T001 also comes with ornamental accessories to further embellish the sports theme. Customization of other countries’ design is available with an MOQ of 5,000 pieces. Choose your favorite design and show your enthusiasm for the game and support for your favorite team.

Spill and Shock Resistant

This original design of the T001 Soccer Jersey Drive was created by ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. with the use of distinctive elements such as national flags, the color schemes and symbols that represent each nation, to highlight the characteristics of each nation in this product series. With a coat made of quality rubber, the T001 is a rugged storage device that resists damage from shocks and spills, safely protecting your data. Like the athletes who storm the field destined to win and to protect their national pride, so too is the ADATA T001 a winner, and the safest bet for meeting your portable storage needs.