Available in three fashionable color schemes, ADATA Superior Series SH02 2.5" mini Portable Hard Disk Drive is stylishly crafted in 3-dimension imprint patterns, making it must-have digital accessory for anyone who wants both to sport a cool portable drive and look great at the same time. The Superior Series SH02 is now available in three capacities: 320GB , 500GB and 640GB , so much sufficient to store your valuable data, photos, music or video.

Chic 3-D Imprint Patterns

With the surface stylishly crafted using IMF (In Mould Film Forming) technology, the Superior Series SH02 presents itself with sensory appeal that can be felt with both your eyes and fingertips. The tasteful 3-D imprint patterns are eye-catching and classy, making the SH02 a perfect electronic gadget.

Stylish & Lightweight

Weighing only 162 grams, the Superior Series SH02 is incredibly light and makes for a perfect portable storage device. It can easily fit into your handbag or back pocket, allowing you to carry and access your favorite movies, music and applications freely wherever you go.

Resistant to Scratching and Fingerprints

The surface of the Superior Series SH02 is specially treated to resist inevitable scratches and abrasions when being carried around. Even without a protective pouch, the beauty of the device will not diminish due to wear and tear. The surface is also fingerprint-proof, keeping the look as good as new.