The quality of a memory module highly depends on the core component–the chip. And yet, for a variety of computer configurations, the quality and capacity of RAM ( Random-access memory ) modules affects system stability and execution speed a great deal. ADATA Supreme Series memory modules use original-branded DRAM ICs that are built on full data sheets with complete cross-platform and durability testing, and once again stringently tested by ADATA. In terms of reliability and high quality, choosing ADATA Supreme Series memory for your desktop memory upgrade is a wise, worry-free decision that is backed by the same lifetime warranty that comes with all ADATA memory modules.

The ADATA Supreme Series DDR3 1333MHz for desktops is a module composed of Double Data Rate SDRAM in the lower parasitic-loading FBGA ( Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array ) packaging on a 240-pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. Running at 1.5 volts and 1333MHz of the clock, the transmission bandwidth can achieve up to 10.6 GB/s by PC3-10600 specification. The Premier Series DDR3 1333MHz modules are available in three capacities: 1GB , 2GB and 4GB.

ADATA Supreme Series DDR3 memory modules are officially validated by Intel. For details, refer to

Double Assurance of Quality and Optimal Performance

ADATA strictly adheres to standards set by JEDEC ( the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council ) and ISO9001. Every DRAM IC is tested by well-known and respected manufacturers, then validated by ADATA’s own series of quality control tests, guaranteeing the utmost quality performance standard. This process includes stringent testing of each and every memory module, requiring a 100% burn-in test score, thus ensuring compatibility and reliability with all major-brand motherboards. ADATA Supreme Series memory modules are the obvious choice for your computer upgrade needs, due to the assured quality in compatibility, reliability and remarkable performance. This stringent “double assurance” process guarantees the quality that ADATA prides itself upon and has been recognized for.

What is DDR3?

The third generation of the SDRAM family, DDR3 SDRAM ( Double Data Rate Three Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory ), takes a leap further in the evolution of SDRAM technology and DRAM implementation. In comparison to its predecessor, DDR2 , DDR3 SDRAM achieves a breakthrough in clock frequency, boasting increased efficiency, much higher data throughput rates, better heat dissipation, and a 30% reduction of power consumption. DDR3 SDRAM’s revolutionary technology is paving the way for the development of higher-capacity data storage capability in the near future.

Lifetime Warranty, Quality Guaranteed

In addition to our rigorous manufacturing process, ADATA ensures the quality of every memory module, and all are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.