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Data Centers

Contemporary human technology and civilization run on networked data and access. Our economies and cultures thrive on the ability the access information any time and anywhere. Data speeds grow in importance alongside expanding demand that encompasses everything from smartphones to corporate mainframes. As traditional storage needs grow, so does the demand for remote storage, also known as the cloud or the Internet of Things. Consumers to enterprises, everyone needs information, and data centers are literally at the heart of this ever-developing technological landscape.



ADATA provides the reliable, flexible, and affordable options data center and big computing operators need to keep going: industrial-grade SSDs in 2.5", mSATA (MO300A), Half-Slim (MO297), and DOM (Disk On Module), plus robust CFast cards. ADATA industrial-grade memory modules and storage media withstand extreme temperatures (-40ºC ~ +85ºC) and use only the finest, most durable SLC A+ SLC/MLC Flash. They are designed for non-stop operation, even in the event of unstable power supply: PLP (power loss protection) technology effectively prevents data loss and damage, helping ensure the stability and reliability of essential networked, high performance systems.


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