Designed for Christmas and the festive season, the UV100F features seasonal patterns and delivers warm sentiments in time for the holidays. Its capless design means no hassle due to lost drive caps, while its strap mount enables easier carry by attaching it to a lanyard or keychain. Combining lovely design and high usability, the UV100F is a great Christmas gift for family and friends that shows you care and doubles as a useful accessory.

On-the-go capless design

The UV100F aims to deliver a simple yet convenient experience. As such, ADATA designers opted to omit the cap, meaning less parts and less hassle - just straightforward festive USB.

Special Christmas edition packaging

The UV100F arrives in a special edition red package that brings with it a warm festive feeling and is great for seasonal gift giving.

An easy-go design with strap mount

For added safety and personalization, the UV100F includes a strap mount for attaching to your lanyard or keychain of choice.