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With the evolution of NAND flash technology, growth in SSD capacities rise ever higher. However, with this growth also arise concerns about data quality due to the existing issues related to error-correcting code (ECC), bad blocks, product failure, and disturbance effects associated with submicron technology. How to solve these issues while leveraging existing hardware and software is growingly crucial.


To answer this complex mix of challenges, ADATA offers A+Sorting to enhance the integrity and reliability of its NAND flash products. By offering A+Sorting proprietary memory testing processes, ADATA SSDs not only efficiently manage ECC and bad block issues, but also detect potential failures by analyzing NAND flash characteristics at high and nominal temperatures. Additionally, ADATA SSD quality is further enhanced by matching specific controllers with appropriate flash types. ADATA products are produced to meet the quality standards determined by worldwide ODM/OEM and IPC makers.


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