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ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710 External HDD Review
PostedMay 03, 2012
FromUnited States

The ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710 External HDD performs very well, waterproof, shockproof, compact, looks great, available in different capacities and comes in 3 color options. If you're looking for an external HDD durable HDD enclose, this is it.....

ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710 Review - Military Grade Portable USB 3.0 Harddrive
ByTek syndicate
PostedApril 21, 2012
FromUnited States
I'm really happy with this portable drive. See the review score here:
It's large enough and rugged enough to take around the country with us while we travel to conventions and such ...
ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710 Review
FromUnited States

Dan holds ADATA true to its word by making the HD710 ‘swim with the fishes’ ...

ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710 Portable HDD Review
ByIan Stevenson

Today we’ll be taking a look at the 750GB DashDrive Durable HD710 portable hard drive from ADATA. This external hard drive offers a refreshing new approach to shock-resistant designs, combining style and substance together courtesy of the striking aesthetics and USB 3.0 Interface.


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