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Issued on : 29-03-2006
ADATA Unveils its “Vitesta Extreme Edition” Memory Module Series. Combining High Clock Speed (DDR or DDR2) with Low Timing Rate;These Modules Provide Excellent Performance

The Vitesta Series of high-speed memory modules developed by ADATA (one of the world’s leading memory module brands) has proved to be consistently popular with consumers. ADATA recently launched the Vitesta Extreme Edition series, which provides an even more impressive performance. The ultra high speed of the Extreme Edition modules guarantees gamers a unique and satisfying experience.

For many hardcore gamers and power user, getting the best possible performance out of their PC is one of the most enjoyable aspects of computing. To achieve this goal, gamers are very choosy when selecting components for their PC. ADATA knows what gamers want from their PC components, and has designed the Vitesta Extreme Edition to meet these needs. The combination of ultra-high clock speed and low timing rates provides the extra boost needed to take the PC’s performance to a highest level.

The overall performance of a memory module depends not only on the clock speed but also on the timing rate. ADATA’s Vitesta Extreme Edition takes clock speed up to DDR or DDR2, without neglecting the timing parameters (CL, tRCD, tRP and tRAS). As a result, the Vitesta Extreme Edition series takes memory module performance to new heights. As ADATA puts it, “the launch of the Extreme Edition series will send shockwaves through the industry.”

DDR2 SDRAM has been around for some time now, but DDR memory remains very popular with gamers. The Extreme Edition series therefore includes DDR400+, DDR500+ and DDR553+ modules, with timing rates of CL2 for the DDR400+ module and CL3 for the DDR500+ and DDR533+ modules; it is the timing rates that are the key to improved performance in these modules. As for DDR2 SDRAM, which is set to become the market mainstream, the Extreme Edition series includes three DDR2 modules: DDR2 667+ (with CL3 timing rate), DDR2 900+ and DDR2 1000+ (both with CL5 timing rate). With these specifications, the Extreme Edition really does offer “extreme performance”.

One of the Extreme Edition series’ other strengths is the adoption of a 648 double-sided layout. This layout provides 1GB of memory capacity, making it easy for the Extreme Edition to cope with a wide range of memory-hungry software types. ADATA has also launched for entry user version to meet the needs of gamers who want a reasonably high level of memory capacity at a reasonable cost. Responding to the growing popularity of dual-channel motherboards, the Extreme Edition memory modules are also available packaged in dual-channel kits to provide the best possible stability for dual-channel operation.

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