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Issued on : 23-11-2007
A-Data’s launch party at the Grand Hyatt
(Taipei) With only six-years of age, ADATA Technology has managed to become one of the biggest players in the IT-industry. To continue this success ADATA Technology is presenting the official trade-mark for its flash drives. The former ADATA trade-mark that represented ADATA Technology for the past six-years got a metamorphosis. The capital letters has changed into common size letters and the result is adata. This metamorphosis will reshape ADATA’s image in the E-Consumption era, which hopefully will give the austere image of the 3C products a more human touch. This metamorphosis of ADATA’s trade-mark will be announced in an official press conference.

ADATA Technology has become a Taiwanese memory empire by selling its own brand worldwide. As the top module maker in Asia, the second in the world, ADATA Technology was granted the honor of being among Taiwan’s Top 20 Global Brands for three consecutive years. In 2006, thanks to the strength and equity of its brand, ADATA Technology was again awarded the Potentiality Prize. Mr. Simon Chen; Chairman of ADATA Technology, is determined that the company can fulfill customers needs, despite of the obstacles regarding the implementation of the enhancement of the trademark that the company faced in 2007. It was a long process implementing the new trademark, but it was needed.

Chairman Chen stated that “these changes will have a positive effect on ADATA’s developments.” ADATA Technology endeavors to develop innovative products in order to realize consumer’s wishes. Various, creative and user-friendly products are the results of ADATA Technology. Like the chrysalis that becomes butterfly, the functional and good-looking adata is gradually evolving into trendy IT consumption goods.” The capital letters of the previous trademark stood for quality, the curve for efficiency. However, the lower-cased letters of the new trade-mark, adata, will transform its high-tech image into a friendlier brand attitude.

In regard of the humanity, characteristics, personality and attitude of each consumer, memory and flash products are no longer ice-cold technological goods. On the contrary, IT products faithfully reflect people’s need for information and their pursuit for life. adata will demonstrate the real pleasure of ADATA NTSC stylish flash drives and hope to give you “A Wonderful Memory”.

ADATA is the world’s second largest vendor of memory modules (DRAMeXchange, July 2007), 2006 Taiwan Top 20 Global Brands as well as Emerging Brand (Interbrand, September 2006). The company’s main product lines include memory modules, Flash memory drives/cards, and multimedia application products. ADATA’s corporate philosophy emphasizes constant innovation, first-rate quality and superior product performance; its innovative products have led the way in the memory industry. ADATA products have won many major Taiwanese and international awards, including Germany’s iF Design award and Reddot award, Japan’s Good Design Award, TAITRA’s Best Choice Product Award, and Taiwan Excellence Silver Awards. To find out more about ADATA and its products, you can visit the ADATA website at
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