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ADATA(USA) Job opportunity

ADATA Technology (USA) Co., Ltd. is a leading memory modules and USB flash drive manufacturer & wholesaler. Due to our growth and expansion, opportunities of employment are available from time to time.

Market Research Analyst
Responsible for assessing needs and opportunities for new products through research and feasibility analysis (including statistical data and data on customer preferences and buying habits) in local, regional, and national areas; work in the area of existing products and new product development via feasibility studies, marketing surveys, industry surveys, and general research; analyze our competitors in products, pricing, customer services and development trends compared with ours; research reported incidents, errors, or deficiencies and submit related reports with appropriate documentation and explanations to the appropriate personnel and respond to product-related informational requests from internal and external departments and personnel, providing them with information needed for research or to make fiscal decisions and decisions on the promotion, distribution, design, and pricing of products.

Requirement: M.S. in Business Administration, or Marketing.

To apply for employment for any positions, please mail your resume to:

ADATA Technology (USA) Co., Ltd.
H.R. Department.
2500 NW 107th Ave, # 400
Miami, FL 33172

ADATA Technology (USA) Co., Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer. All matters related to employment are decided on qualifications, merit and business needs.



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