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XPG SX900 Solid State Drive

Breaking through the limits – The most powerful SSD on earth

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Media Review
Award  Description  Date  Media  Country 
Highly Recommended  2015-04-28  Australia 
Recommended Award  2014-08-04  Techporn  Philippine 
Gold Award  2014-05-16  TechwareLabs  USA 
Product Award, Design Award, Performance Award and Value Award  2014-04-11  CompleteTV  Thailand 
Best Product  2013-12-10  Jagat Review  Indonesia 
The highest score 9.1  2013-08-14  Adrenaline  Brazil 
5 Stars rating   2013-06-19  OverBR  Brazil 
Editor’s Choice award  2013-05-28  T-Break  UAE 
TweakTown  2013-04-15  MUST-HAVE: Best Feature Award  Worldwide 
Best of the year 2012 : Top 3 best SSD products  2013-03-28  PC Magazine  Russia 
Max Power Award  2013-01-10  Max-IT  Malaysia 
Gold Award  2012-12-10  Hi Tech Legion  USA 
Approved Award  2012-11-28  Tom's Hardware  Worldwide 
Golden Bear Award  2012-11-02  bjorn3D  USA 
Silver Award  2012-10-08  Overclockersclub  USA 
Recommendation Award  2012-09-27  almodi  Russia 
Editor's Choice Award  2012-09-24  INFO  Bosnia 
Highly Recommend Award  2012-09-21  APC Magazine  Australia 
Golden Tachometer Award   2012-09-13  Benchmark Reviews  USA 
Gold Award  2012-09-10  ModdingMX  Mexico 
Recommendation Award  2012-08-03  PCFoster  Poland 
Tek syndicate and got 4.5 out of 5 stars  2012-07-26  Tek syndicate  U.S.A 
Approved  2012-06-27  Overclockers  USA 
Product of the Year  2012-06-22  Hardware-Test  Denmark 
Silver Award  2012-06-19  Hardware  Netherlands 
Editors Choice Award  2012-05-31  Pure OC  USA 
Editors Choice  2012-04-06  The SSD Review  USA 

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