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XPG™ Gaming v2.0 Series DDR3 1600MHz to 2600MHz
Your Armed Companion on the Battlefield
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Media Review
Award  Description  Date  Media  Country 
Community Choice Awards   2013-01-23  USA 
Carthago's Gold Award  2012-10-05  effizienzgurus  Germany 
Approved Award  2012-10-05  Overclockers  USA 
4.5 Stars  2012-09-20  Switzerland 
Gold  2012-09-18  Overclocking Station  Germany 
Overclocking Award  2012-09-18  Overclocking Station  Germany 
Gold Award  2012-08-08  PC Games Hardware Forum Review  Germany 
Efficiency  2012-08-06  Overclocking Station  Germany 
OC  2012-08-06  Overclocking Station  Germany 
年度推荐产品  2012-02-16  ZOL  China 
Best Performance  2011-11-17  Arab 
Silver Award  2011-04-05  xtremehardware  Italy 
Best Product  2011-02-04  PCturner  Italy 
Silver Award  2011-01-24  HDBlog  Italy 
Editor Choice   2011-01-13  occlub  Russia 
Silver Wheel  2010-08-03  AwardFabrik  Germany 
最佳功能  2010-08-01  PCHome  Taiwan  
Editor's Choice  2010-04-13  Media Award   OCClub 
Editor's Choice  2010-03-12  TweakTown  Australia  

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