ADATA has pioneered the industry's first USB 3.0 + SATA II dual interface combo drive with high performance, bringing increased versatility to users worldwide. The new dual interface not only brings exceptional convenience, but the use of next-generation USB 3.0 technology also provides a solution with unimaginably fast high-speed transmission.

Available in 64, 128, and 256 Gigabyte capacities.

Data Transmission Speeds

Adoption of 8-channel technology allows the N004 to outperform normal flash drives in delivering blazing transfer rates, up to 200MB/s and 170 MB/s in sequential read/write performance respectively. This is almost ten times faster than conventional USB2.0 storage devices.

*The result may be different due to varied platforms.
Test file:14.3GB

Two in One Storage Solution

The N004 offers dual usage options- functioning as either an external USB drive, or installed as a hard drive on a desktop or laptop. For maximum usability in a wide range of situations, the N004 functions as a dual purpose unit, giving robust performance as an internal or external drive as needed.

USB3.0 Applications / Performance

For systems that support USB 3.0, The N004 brings the exhilarating data transfer speeds of this standard. It is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 systems that do not support the USB 3.0 interface.

*Performance Test: CrystalDiskMark read 200 MB/sec, write 170MB/s

*Performance data is based on internal testing. Test results may vary depending on platforms and software used.

SATA II Applications / Performance

If your computer supports a SATA II interface, open the notebook hard drive installation area, and insert the N004 without having to remove the outer case. It will immediately function as a built-in hard drive.

*Performance Test: CrystalDiskMark read 250 MB/sec, write 180MB/sec

*Performance data is based on internal testing. Test results may vary depending on platforms and software used.

Diamond Cut Pattern Aluminum Case Design

With a thickness of only 10mm, and weighing a mere 70g, the N004 sports a delicate diamond-cut lined finish under its polished sapphire blue surface, with an eye-catching flare effect. This combination makes high-speed performance more stylish than ever!

Peace of Mind with a Three-Year Warranty

The ADATA N004 flash drive comes with an exclusive three-year warranty. So you can enjoy the utmost in speed while enjoying the best protection.

Smart Power: The Means for Total Protection

Known for top quality, remarkable performance, and innovative designs, ADATA USB Flash drives have more than “hard power” to offer: notably the most valuable software.
•The OStoGO tool assists you by converting your Microsoft Windows 7 Installation DVD to an ADATA portable storage device, providing you the convenience of being able to quickly install Windows 7 via USB Booting without the need for an optical drive.
•The powerful UFDtoGo tool synchronizes data, e-mails and your Favorites, affording you true mobility.
•Norton Internet Security 2012 (60-day trial) safeguards your data from viruses and other harmful processes. Registering your ADATA product online gives you this protection for free.

** Free software downloads and product registration are available for ADATA products printed with the Software Download mark only.

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