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N005 Pro Super Speed USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Performance Matters!

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With the advance of technology and improvement of computer specifications, USB 3.0 is becoming mainstream. Large capacity of high-speed transmission has become a basic need of storage devices, and people showing their personal style and taste through digital accessories is an increasingly popular trend. The N005 Pro is an upgrade of the successful N005, targeting advanced users and professionals with a further enhancement of the USB 3.0 performance. Especially in terms of data read times, the increase in speed is more than double. The aluminum case displays an elegant texture, and the compact, lightweight design combines aesthetics with functionality. The large capacity meets the mobile data needs of professionals. The N005 Pro has undergone the strict inspection to USB-iF specifications, and has been certified to use the Superspeed USB official logo. Using the N005 Pro flash drive shortens the waiting time for data transmission, and reduces compatibility issues between your computer and peripheral devices. USB 3.0 makes it that much easier to enjoy all the speed of modern digital life.


USB 3.0 Speed Breakthrough

Implementing the latest ultra high-speed USB 3.0 transmission specification, read speeds are up to 180 MB/sec, and write speeds reach 90MB/sec. Compared to the N005, the N005 Pro transmission efficiency is increased up to 150%. The N005 Pro 64GB can write 4GB high-definition video and audio files in as few as 48 seconds, only a quarter of the transmission wait time compared to USB 2.0. This allows you to quickly and easily access all your digital archives at any time.

*Data is based on internal testing, actual test results will depend on the platform and software used.
*N005 Pro 16GB read speed is increased up to 150%; 32GB/64GB read speed is increased up to 120%.

Elegant and Cool Style

In appearance, the N005 Pro is a combination of fashion and technology. The pleasant texture of the aluminum shell is the starting point for the design that is both elegant and low-key. The simple lines and modest elegance give an aura of professionalism.


Professional Level High Capacity

The N005 Pro is not only fast and nicely textured, but also gives you large storage capacity. In 16GB, 32GB to 64GB specifications, the N005 Pro Ultra allows you to carry all your important files, photos, games, music and movies, etc., on one drive, sufficient to meet your professional needs.
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