Sleek and streamlined to ornamental lines, the ADATA C903 USB flash drive fully brings out its incredible beauty of delicacy and sleekness by means of its asymmetric design with a swivel glossy metallic casing. The unique swivel-and-joint architecture delivers not only artistic innovation, but also facilitation and long life of use. The side opening provides ideal solution for users to tie all kinds of hand-carry laces with their own stylish and characteristic accessories.

Though compact and lightweight, the ADATA C903 has ultra storage from 4GB to 32GB capacity. With USB 2.0 high-speed transfer interface, users can have peace of mind whether in storing and carrying private data or office documents.

Turn! Turn! Turn! An Old Design Turned High-Tech

Unlike conventional capped or push-out USB flash drives, the ADATA C903 swivel-design flash drive expresses a classy uniqueness. Modeled after pocketknives, this cool little USB drive is the only thing missing on your keychain. With a simple push and turn, the flash drive swivels out of its casing, ready for use.

Cutting-Edge Design Matched with Convenience

Other benefits to this design include the lack of a cap and the hole at the top for attaching the C903 to keychains, lanyards, etc. The metal casing hides the USB connector, both protecting it from damage and eliminating the need for a cap that so easily gets lost, misplaced, or breaks after repeated use. Attaching the C903 to your keychain, lanyard, or making it is a zipper-pull is a breeze.

Delicate Shape Outshone, Massive Capacity Therein

The ADATA C903 swivel flash drive comes in two brilliant colors: diamond-blue and glamorous crimson. Compact and nearly as light as a feather, the ADATA C903 flash drive hides an impressive storage capacity inside such a tiny body. From 4GB to 32GB in capacity, you can safely carry all your important documents, as well as your photos, music and movie files, with you.

Blazingly Fast Data Transfers

The ADATA C905 USB drive adheres to USB 2.0 high-speed transfer specs, reaching up to 30 MB/s for reading and up to 8MB/s1 for writing, which is 10% faster than ordinary USB 2.0 flash drives.