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DashDrive Elite SE720

The strength and speed of solid state

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The DashDrive Elite SE720 external solid state drive is an ultra-slim USB 3.0 compatible device packed with industry-leading solid state performance. The stainless steel exterior and elegant overall appearance lend an air of sleek professionalism that complements incredible SSD transfer of up to 300 and 400 MB per second read and write speeds.


The Best of Both Worlds!

The SE720 combines the style and portability that are hallmarks of the DashDrive family with the unmatched transfer speed of NAND Flash memory. The result is a rugged, stylish and blazing fast external drive.


Superior Read and Write Transfer Performance


“One Touch Backup” Makes Backup Jobs Easier

“One touch backup” function allows for automatic backup and synchronization of data with one easy touch. The SE720 is also equipped with a bright blue LED indicator which indicates power and data transfer status. Capacities available are 128 gigabytes.


Dependable SSD Expertise from ADATA

As a market leader in solid state drives, ADATA has employed its technological expertise to make the SE720 a reliable and remarkably secure storage solution. Protect your files with all of the advantages of SSDs!

Complete Security and System Compatibility

Purchasers of ADATA storage products are provided 3 year warranty and free downloads of our value added software, including OStoGo and HDDtoGO. The HDDtoGO provides password protection which decreases the risk of data exposure when executing backup jobs.
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