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DashDrive Choice HC630 External Hard Drive
Shimmering with Style
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For those who like their accessories to reflect a personality that is colorful and dynamic, the DashDrive Choice HC630 is the ideal pick. It combines a bright, fashionable exterior with a USB 3.0 interface. In addition to looking great, ADATA’s proprietary HDDtoGo software keeps your data safe and in your control.

Metallic Surface Etched with Beautiful Pattern
The metal surface is etched with a colorful and elegant diamond pattern, and is protected by a raised peripheral lip.
Lightweight and Portable

The smooth, fashionable contours and bright colors of the HC630 make it the ideal data accessory.

Latest Hardware and Software Specifications
The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface delivers blazing data transfer speed, which can be monitored by the blue LED indicator. The HC630 is fully compatible with Windows 8.x (and earlier) operating systems.
Dazzling Blue LED Indicator

The DashDrive Choice 2.5” portable hard drive features a brilliant blue LED indicator that shines through the enclosure to indicate power and data transfer status.

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