The ADATA Premier SP800 is an expanded capacity solid state drive which uses new optimized firmware to utilize greater storage capacity of the NAND Flash components. With superior NAND Flash, the SP800 reaches new levels of stability and performance. The Premier SP800 is a SATA II compliant SSD that also makes efficient use of the Flash storage capacity, allowing for capacities of 32 and 64GB, a 7% increase over common SSDs in the market that use a SandForce controller. It offers a high C/P value investment to attain the high speeds of the latest performance standard.

Solving the problem of sluggish mechanical drives

Because the method by which SSDs transfer data is entirely different from that of conventional hard drives, SSDs provide markedly higher speeds. In addition, SSDs have further advantages of low heat-discharge, low power-consumption, lightweight structure, and high impact resistance, all good reasons to choose this route for computer upgrades.
The Premier SP800 is a SATA II compliant SSD. Max sequential read and write speeds are 280/260MB per second, and max random 4k write speeds are up to 44,000 IOPS. It enters the market as a high value entry-level solid state drive for those who are just now making the transition from mechanical drives.

Entry Level Price, Top Level Transmission Efficiency

ADATA has invested significant time and resources in the development of SSD products, and has worked tirelessly to bring to the market products that closely match consumer demands. Research has revealed that in computer operation times, a significant proportion a large portion of computing tasks involve transfers of data packets 4KB in size. This means that the performance of 4KB file transmission plays a critical role in users’ experience. The Premier SP800 SSD runs at 44 thousand Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) in transfers of files this size, and is the most cost competitive among similar products.

Desktop Pack

Comes with a 3.5-inch conversion bracket to help you mount the SP800 when you are upgrading a desktop computer, allowing you to immediately enhance the performance and transmission speed of your operating system.