All Server Supreme series products use original-branded DRAM ICs and have passed comprehensive cross-platform and durability testing to guarantee compatibility and satisfying performance, as well as meeting users’ demands for enhanced quality and reliability. With the ADATA DDR3 1333MHz ECC R-DIMM, your servers and workstations are prepared to respond any business demands with great efficiency and multitasking performance, running mission-critical applications with reliability and availability by 24/7.

Conforms to Standards, Exceeds Your Expectations

ADATA makes certain that the stability and performance of every memory module meets the highest quality criteria by strict adherence to multiple quality standards, including those set by JEDEC (the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council) and ISO9001. ADATA DDR3 1333MHz ECC R-DIMM is designed for high-performance servers and workstations, manufactured in the lower parasitic-loading FBGA (Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array) packaging on a 240-pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board and runs at 1.5 volts and 1333MHz of the clock.

ADATA DDR3 1333MHz ECC R-DIMM is available in four capacities: 1GB , 2GB , 4GB and 8GB.

What is ECC R-DIMM?

ECC refers to Error-correcting Code, a dynamic, comprehensive algorithm-formulated method of data integrity checking that corrects single-bit errors and detects multiple-bit errors automatically during transmission. ECC DIMM is designed for high-end personal computers, servers and workstations that are relatively mission-critical and in compute-intensive environments, providing more precise and reliable data-processing capability.

R-DIMM stands for Registered Dual In-line Memory Module. R-DIMM incorporates a register - a logic component - placed directly on the memory module to set aside a quantity of command/address bus for quicker access, therefore reducing the load on the system’s memory controller and improving signal integrity. R-DIMM thus utilizes the system’s higher memory capacities and bandwidth, meeting the demands that servers and workstations require in terms of scalability and stability.

Lifetime Warranty, Quality Guaranteed

In addition to our rigorous manufacturing process, ADATA ensures the quality of every memory module, backed by a lifetime limited warranty.