Apple's intuitive and easy-to-use Macintosh computers make an impression with not only their simplicity and dashing design, but also with the quality components that aid in their superior performance and reliability. The latest 64-bit Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) maximizes the computer’s potential, entering a new 64-bit era. ADATA presents the Apple Series DDR3 1066MHz ECC-DIMM, created specifically for Apple’s high-end Macintosh computers, the Mac Pro and Xserve, available in 1GB , 2GB and 4GB of capacity. Choosing ADATA Apple Series memory for your Mac memory upgrade is one true worry-free decision. The high-quality and stringently tested Apple Series memory can fully expedite system performance and help unleash the ultimate power of the 64-bit Mac OS X, leading to an incredibly powerful Mac computer.

The Highest Quality Standards for Ensuring Reliability

Every DRAM IC is tested by well-known and respected manufacturers, then validated by ADATA’s own series of quality control tests, guaranteeing the utmost quality performance standard. ADATA strictly adheres to quality standards, including those set by JEDEC (the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council) and ISO9001. ADATA makes certain that the stability and performance of every memory module meets the highest quality criteria, including stringent testing of each Apple Series DDR3 1066MHz ECC-DIMM. Our standards include a 100% burn-in test score, thus ensuring reliability, low power consumption and full compatibility with Mac Pro and Xserve.

Power of 64-bit System

The 64-bit operating system lifts the bar on memory capacity limitation of 32-bit system, supporting up to 16 terabytes of RAM and enabling the most use of applications that can address at the top of 16 exabytes. With the massive amounts of memory, those applications that deal with vast volume of data, such as digital video and scientific computation, as well as databases, can access more physical memory, dramatically boosting overall performance without bogging down the computer.

ADATA Apple Series memory gets your Mac fully loaded and unleashes the ultimate power of your 64-bit Mac OS X.

What is ECC-DIMM?

ECC-DIMM refers to a Dual In-line Memory Module with Error-correcting Code technology, a special comprehensive algorithm-formulated method of data integrity checking that can correct single-bit errors and detect multiple-bit errors automatically during transmission. ECC-DIMM is designed for high-end personal computers, servers and workstations that are relatively mission-critical and compute-intensive environments, making the data-processing capability more precise and reliable.

Lifetime Warranty, Quality Guaranteed

In addition to our rigorous manufacturing process, ADATA ensures the quality of every memory module, and all are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.