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microSDHC (UHS-I)

Premier microSDHC UHS-I

Smart Phones Just Got Smarter!

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With the increasing prevalence of smart phones and tablet computers, the ability to enjoy real time audio and video content has become an integral part of consumer life. Consumer use of smart phones and tablet computers is more centered on attention to real-time access of smaller files, and faster application performance.

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Cost-Effective Innovation

ADATA’s microSDHC UHS-I memory card is the result of many years of R & D efforts. Sequential Read/Write speeds reach 20MB/5MB per second, random write (IOPS) speeds are as high as 50, and random read speed (IOPS) are up to 500. This represents an average 30% speed increase over SD 2.0 memory cards in multi-tasking operations of smart phone. In addition to the outstanding product performance, this technology has strong cost-effective competitive advantages, which allow consumers to enjoy SD 3.0 performance at a price that is close to SD 2.0 products. This makes it easy for you to experience rapid audio-video enjoyment.


Range of Capacities to Meet Wide Range of Demands

The new microSDHC UHS-I memory cards are available in 4GB, 8GB, I6GB, and 32GB capacities, giving you a wide range of high-speed options.


About UHS-I (UHS: Ultra High Speed)

According to the new SD 3.0 UHS-I specification announced by the SD Association in 2010.

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