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XPG V1.0


Arm yourself with XPG

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ADATA Part No.Model NameCapacityCLPCB COLORHeat Sink Color
AX3U1600W4G11-DDDDR3-16004GB * 2CL11-11-11-28BlackDark Blue
AX3U1600W4G11-RDDDR3-16004GB * 1CL11-11-11-28BlackDark Blue
AX3U1600W4G9-DBDDR3-16004GB * 2CL9-9-9-24BlackBlack
AX3U1600W4G9-RBDDR3-16004GB * 1CL9-9-9-24BlackBlack
AX3U1600W8G11-DDDDR3-16008GB * 2CL11-11-11-28BlackDark Blue
AX3U1600W8G11-RDDDR3-16008GB * 1CL11-11-11-28BlackDark Blue
AX3U1600W8G9-DBDDR3-16008GB * 2CL9-9-9-24BlackBlack
AX3U1600W8G9-RBDDR3-16008GB * 1CL9-9-9-24BlackBlack
AX3U2133W4G10-DRDDR3-21334GB * 2CL10-12-12-30BlackRed
AX3U2133W8G10-DRDDR3-21338GB * 2CL10-12-12-30BlackRed
AX3U1866W8G10-DRDDR3-18668GB * 2CL10-11-10-30BlackRed

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