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Premier Series DDR2 800 240pin Unbuffered-DIMM Non-ECC Memory
ADATA Premier Series – Features Affordable Solutions with Outstanding C/P Ratio Performance
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ADATA Part No.Capacity Description
AD2U800A1G6-B1GB DDR2 U-DIMM 1GB (6)
AD2U800B1G5-21GB DDR2 U-DIMM 1GB (5)
AD2U800B1G5-B1GB DDR2 U-DIMM 1GB (5)
AD2U800B1G5-R1GB DDR2 U-DIMM 1GB (5)
AD2U800B1G5-S1GB DDR2 U-DIMM 1GB (5)
AD2U800B1G6-21GB DDR2 U-DIMM 1GB (6)
AD2U800B1G6-B1GB DDR2 U-DIMM 1GB (6)
AD2U800B1G6-R1GB DDR2 U-DIMM 1GB (6)
AD2U800B1G6-S1GB DDR2 U-DIMM 1GB (6)
AD2U800B2G5-22GB DDR2 U-DIMM 2GB (5)
AD2U800B2G5-B2GB DDR2 U-DIMM 2GB (5)
AD2U800B2G5-R2GB DDR2 U-DIMM 2GB (5)
AD2U800B2G5-S2GB DDR2 U-DIMM 2GB (5)
AD2U800B2G6-22GB DDR2 U-DIMM 2GB (6)
AD2U800B2G6-B2GB DDR2 U-DIMM 2GB (6)
AD2U800B2G6-R2GB DDR2 U-DIMM 2GB (6)
AD2U800B2G6-S2GB DDR2 U-DIMM 2GB (6)

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