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SH93 Waterproof/Shock-Resistant External Hard Drive

Born Tough – A Portable HDD Like No Other

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SH93 Waterproof/Shock-Resistant External Hard Drive
ADATA Superior Series SH93, the world’s first waterproof and shock-resistant portable HDD, is a heavily armored storage device designed especially for people with mobile and athletic lifestyles. Wrapped in a rubberized enclosure, its innovative waterproof structure and all-protective Styrofoam on the inside, the Superior Series SH93 serves to ruggedly shield valuable data from water and damage caused by accidental drops or hard impact. The Superior Series SH93’s vibrant color and clean-cut design exude unique charm that appeals to the most active users.

Customer Reviews
corak-x Date:2013-02-16
Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best drive for backup and storage data ever. I very like that is shockproof and waterproof and cable around making work easier.
karabin.70 Date:2012-09-02
I like it.
mostwanted2000 Date:2012-08-27
I installed windows 8 using my SH93 500GB! Also its good for install and play computer games
rachel.annals Date:2012-08-21
A really great product, purchased a couple of months ago and so far so good. Plenty of space for all my graphics back-ups. Fast and silent data transfer with a durable design - perfect for those accidental drops!
mkabariti Date:2012-05-11
i like it its good prodect
any one should have it
shimchuk_rgor Date:2012-05-11
♥♥♥ I've just bought my adata sh93, a very very good product,
1. Only and the world's first portable HDD features, that is waterproof and shock-resistant.♥
2. Fast transferred documents and large files within a short time.♥
3. Can carry it anywhere due to its size and weight.♥
4. It works quietly and quickly.♥
Although it has a lot of features, its price is good and affordable. ♥♥♥
shimchuk_rgor Date:2012-05-11
♥♥♥ I've just bought my adata sh93, a very very good product,
1. Only and the world's first portable HDD features, that is waterproof and shock-resistant.♥
2. Fast transferred documents and large files within a short time.♥
3. Can carry it anywhere due to its size and weight.♥
4. It works quietly and quickly.♥
Although it has a lot of features, its price is good and affordable. ♥♥♥
jalbarl Date:2012-05-11
I bought this hard drive more than year ago (320 GB version). Before that, I only had a 4Gb USB flash drive as portable storage and it was clearly not enough. Since then, all my storage related problems have disappeared. I use it to store all the programs required for a fresh Windows & Linux install, as installation source for Windows 7 & Ubuntu (no need to carry the CDs with me anymore), to backup all my work and as intermediary storage between my friends' PCs and my main storage drive.

The only problem I had with it was the cable. Being a heavy portable user, after a few months of carrying it with me, the cable worn off (it stretches too much when it's placed around the drive). This manifested almost as a hard drive crash - when I was plugging in the drive, it would start "clunking" (this sound can also be heard when you connect any portable hard drive to an USB port with insufficient power). Fortunately, a friend of mine offered me another cable for testing and it turned out that the drive is OK. I never encountered data loss, and I keep a close eye on the S.M.A.R.T variables, but everything is OK there.

I must say that apart from the cable, the drive delivers all it's promised: great speed, safe, resistant to extreme temperature variations, resistant to long journeys by train/backpack/bus/airplane, nice design & colors and extended life.

I didn't had the opportunity to test how water-proof or free-fall-proof it is, but I'd better not push my luck with it :)
dark_player2000 Date:2012-04-20
Robust HDD. Love the rubber padding on sides and the matte finish. This hdd is a damn good looker. Very minor heat output, silent and works as advertised. Its as fast as the usb 2.0 controller can be.

Definitely recommended to anyone looking for a external hard drive.
dinarerhan Date:2012-03-19
The only one word which describes this harddisk is "reliable". I strongly reccomend it if you mistreat your stuffs like me.
samirkildani Date:2012-03-14
This hard disk is a very reliable product. Performance is excellent. Speed is high, and I, really, encourage anyone who wants to buy an external hard disk to buy this. Congratulations for this fantastic product.
matic Date:2012-03-14
Great drive! Good looking, fast, big enough for backing up personal data and very important to me - so far impossible for a child to destroy :)
reneleo_ Date:2012-03-12
This hard disk is very good, is very resistant, very powerful, has permanence. I can say that it is one of the best products of it credits besides that it has a very nice aspect. I recommend it widely
drake2000 Date:2012-03-11
I use drive for 2 years. Store movies on it that watch through a media player. An excellent disc. Convenient, reliable.
ibarra_esime Date:2012-03-11
it's simply amazing. last month, i was walking under the rain when suddenly i fell on the sidewalk. when i arrived home, i realised that my cellphone didn't survive, and my Portable HDD ADATA SH93 was more than wet, however my information was intact.
elchuy_yo Date:2012-03-11
It is excellent strong disc, without worrying of a disc crash. It is for heavy usage. And good for storage information.
mihai_mgd Date:2012-02-20
I have this device for about 2 years and I can say that it is a very good device. I used it as transport and backup data.
jcjuarez Date:2012-02-19
This product is Excellent, it has and is saving my data from any kind of harsh conditions that I found daily (Humidity - movement and harsh jumps).

To say the least it has saved my information and then my work and my fun/mementos in life.

Moreover - its noise-free and discreet so any one else don't care when we are using it.

I recommend it I hope the designers could deliver a bigger space and even shorter drive, that could include WiFi - Blue tooth availability.

dex1064 Date:2012-02-16
I bought SH93 a few months ago from my local computer fair for a good price and what can i say so far so good. I use it for karaoke and DJ_ing. I needed something more robust because sometimes accident do happen, and the the blue LED lets my know and see that I am connected to device,I also love the design. I will endeavor to write a further review in the next few months time.
p.pytel1 Date:2012-02-10
Very good hard drive.
Resistant to the effects of inattention.
It works quietly and quickly.
Nicely and beautifully presented.
I recommend to all who value strength, speed, ease of use and look pretty.
topete1024 Date:2012-02-09
This hard drive is simply the best I've had, very strong and compact.
eens.sato Date:2012-02-09
I've just bought my adata sh93, this is awsome.
I have the black version, has a very nice design and the case's material looks really though.
The hd takes the maximum of usb 2.0.
And if it get dust or dirty i can simple wash it.
I love this product.
avantigold Date:2012-02-09
Excellent product in all respects except plug for USB connect as rubber connect plug broke off after third use. However, maybe my fault with old fat fingers. Plug into powered USB hub and PC recognizes and fast backup of data files. Really impressed and going to order a second one. This is the first USB powered 2.5 inch HD I've ever used and I'm very impressed. You can't go wrong with this unit and worth every $. Outstanding product overall for price. Just need a better designed USB plug seal interface. Good seal but hard to remove which makes for damage by us average users. I do not paln to drop or imerse in water but would still like a easy to remove USB seal.
elchuy_yo Date:2012-02-09
I Use this ADATA HD for music and movies, I have no any problem when connect it to my LG TV, It reads the movies excelent, I had complain when I copied some music from another Hard Drive, As in Spanish some words use accent I could not copy some music with accent when there is another song with the same name without accent but I am satisfied with this HD and its price. it is excelent for people that is not very friendly with this kind of things for example if you transport the Hard drive with some liquids in the bag, The HD will be ok. always. Maybe I could have a chance of make a new review in a year and I expect to still have this excellent HD.
dayat_skv Date:2012-02-08
Amazing. I have one with 750 gb capacities. This is the first external hard drive I have. before deciding to buy it, I first look for info on the internet and finally I decided to buy it. This is because of its charming while promoting security data (such as waterproof and shock-resistant). I take this hard drive often and often traveled to shocks and to date, it has proven hard drive reliability. It's a highly qualified Hardisk.
masood_098 Date:2012-02-08
I'm using this hard drive for 5 months and enjoying the quality. It is really water proof and anti shock! I've dropped it several times and nothing happened. all of my data was safe. This is really great.
The only problem I encountered was in partitioning the capacity to 4 drives. On drive is sometime faulty and not accessible. I recently formatted that partition and hope the problem to be solved.
Thank you.
ozki2u Date:2012-02-02
awesome drive for an adrenalin junky like me, I can take it anywhere and i do, it takes the knocks of rock climbing well and even survived water dunking when rafting rapids .. fab reliable portable storage and easy to use and set up.
zilvinasm47 Date:2011-09-30
It easy carry to school or friend. Good sofware especially liked OStoGo :) And its little only 2.5 :) And a lot space 750GB - allowed 698. Really good present.
scottd291 Date:2011-07-19
I love this drive I take it every where I go even the BATH.

Have been to swimming pool too as the data it stores on UK train time tables must not leave me ever!

it spins up really good too!

It said in SPEC can take a drop of 1.2 M but I drop it all the time from top of my very big house which is over 7M high!

Buy it now DUX!

vladimir.handeev Date:2011-06-06
It's very practical and handsome device.
I've been using SH93 320 for 4 months as a mobile data store. It's really shock-resistant and fast. Also you can use it at home or carry it everywhere every day.
So if you want to buy external hard drive - you can safely buy SH93 :)
maqsoodrana Date:2011-06-04
I purchase Adata SH93 320-GB last month,

according to my experience its... fast & looking very cool....
that's very good...
bonn82 Date:2011-06-03
A waterproof and shock-resistant portable HDD, ADATA Superior Series SH93 is exactly what the external HDD that I'm looking for. It is perfect for my job use or for my personal use too. You will not regret to have an ADATA product!
Penri.davies Date:2011-05-27
Fantastic External hard drive, every other external hard drive on the market is boring dull boxes but this is different. love the yellow rubber (makes sure you do not lose it) i have only briefly tested the waterproof capabilities of this by just running it under the tap when it gets a bit dusty, don't dare to test it anymore. i have accidentally dropped it a few times and it has survived without a scratch. the wrap around cable makes sure that you never lose the cable when you need it!. The only down side that i can see is that it is slightly larger than some other portable hard drive because of the rubber but this does not bother me at all. i use the hard drive just for backing up photos and documents and the transfer speeds seem to be very good and did not very long to transfer large files. over all a great product and it is something different from the norm!
al Date:2011-05-24
This is my second one- the first proved indestructible but sadly not theft proof!
blind.eagle93 Date:2011-05-21
I am using this External HDD from 2009 but i found once a technical corruption within the drive. But otherwise the drive is awesome and fast too and the important thing is it works perfectly.
koknien87 Date:2011-05-19
I just bought the ADATA Superior Series SH93 portable HDD 640GB 3 months ago, below is my review about this product:
1. I like its only and the world’s first portable HDD features, that is waterproof and shock-resistant.
2. Fast transferred documents and large files within a short time.
3. Can carry it anywhere due to its size and weight.
As conclusion, this is my 1st portable HDD that I used, and I think will not change other product except this product because it's a great product that I haven't seen.

Thanks ADATA.
henryx8 Date:2011-05-19
hi all
i used to use a thumb drive at work and we all know what happens to those .
since using the yellow 5oogb it is so versatile i don't have to worry about it as i work as a electrical mechanical tester at a manufacturing plant . It has come in handy plus the bright coloring cant be missed or lifted you soon notice when its not there. Dust oil grease not a worry great product lovin it
omershah.mpa Date:2011-05-19
I recently bought this External hard disk drive of 320 GB capacity in red colour. its amazing in looks apart from its features. every day atleast one person stands and praises it.

I love its feature especially its being shock proof and water proof. both these feather save my precious office data from my young toddler baby girl who keeps on testing her dad's office bag.

this drive is safe in saving data and from all the unwanted hazzards like shocks and water spills.

thanks for creatingthis drive... my humble recommendation for this drive to everyone and i wish it captures more market share in the times to come.

phoenix.xavier Date:2011-05-19
Top marks for this HDD. Works straight from the box with no messing about with drivers, no messy power cables, just plug it straight into a USB port & you're up & running. No fuss, no mess, just secure storage. Waterproof & drop proof to boot. It's even bright yellow so you'll not lose it at the bottom of your bag or in an office draw. If only my life could be this simple & work so effortlessly.
s.priest Date:2011-05-19
easy to use does what it says on the tin.No messy power supply works straight from the USB :-) go buy one
jsg2 Date:2011-05-05
Hi everybody.
I own 4 yellow SH93. The a very well for the "urban dschugel".
I must transport data between several location at Hamburg, Berlin, London and Kopenhagen.
Which means transport at laguage and back pack. THe survived everything. I ve lost "normal" 2,5" usb disk several time by simple dropping from desk to floor . No problem for this yellow Disk.
Hope that they will be soon some with USB 3.0 or thunderbold interface.
jamboyz Date:2011-03-31
I cannot say enough good about this product. I was lucky enough to have this released mere days before I left for a 5 month backpacking trip through south east Asia. When I say backpacking I don't mean my luggage was in a backpack and I was staying in hostels and hotels. I mean living out of a tent trecking through the wilderness and this amazing little piece of technology survived it all.

It went from acid rain falling in Tokyo Japan to frozen (-15 F) mountaintops of South Korea. So cold that melted snow literally froze to its casing. From there it went to the smog filled grime of the poorest parts of Manila. It survived over 100 degree weather and being covered in the Volcanic ash of Crow valley, the Lahar near Mt. Pinatubo. From there it was sprayed with salt water again and again as we traversed the islands via overloaded banca boat on our way to dive/snorkel the coral reefs of the Visayas. Then into the jungles 100% humidity, living in a pack being thrown from cliff to floor 20ft below. Surviving the explosion of one of the camel-backs soaking the entirety of our packs.

All the while it stomached being connected to more computers with more patchwork operating systems than I can fathom. From a guy at a bus stops laptop to the most outdated computer cafe' the A-Data was compatible with all of them all with only needing a single cable that clips to the unit so I never worried about loosing it.

Not only is this the most rugged piece of electronics I've owned its an extremely well priced unit for its capacity. As I look around I find myself purchasing a 2nd and 3rd not just for its indestructibility but for the simple fact that its one of the best cost-to-capacity deals out there.

I love my A-data.
garrencho Date:2011-03-30
I've had this external HDD for about a half-year now and it hasn't failed me yet. The groove for the included cable was a great idea, and the rubber outer layer feels like it'd be very useful in case of a small drop. It's quite light too (it's a little bit heavier than just a 2.5" HDD).

But the best part is that it only requires one USB port to power! Keep away from USB hubs and low-power USB ports though.

One downfall is that it only comes in yellow and red, which is a bit gaudy-looking.
rmspec Date:2011-03-07

I purchased the product 1 month ago.
Great product so far. Great for holidays on sandy beaches, trains or planes.
rossash Date:2011-03-07
I use the SH93 as a backup drive and as a drive to transfer data from PC to Pc.. It is small, light , 1 easy to find and short cable. Does not require to be plugged in. Nothing negative to say.....
anz_noman Date:2011-03-05
ADATA SH93 ! Its superb, brilliant working, so simple & powerful to use for transfer & storage of bulk data. As no one can beat its reliabilty as well as working. Great device for people who actually want to work & save their time.
sebayan09 Date:2011-03-05
A very very good product. It is waterproof and as well as dust proof. It's USB cap prevents dus being entered. Also very good performance using single cord. Also rubber cover prevent slipping from my hand.
mahyari Date:2011-03-05
It would be great if I had this one with 1 GB capacity
stephenhill2000 Date:2011-03-04
I have now had the SH93 500 for 8 months. Its been all over the world and has 1000s of photos which get downloaded as i go.
I can always spot it amongst all my equipment as its yellow and black, being powered from the computer is fantasic, not having to have a power lead.Plug and use, adata sat on My computer as a easily identifiable icon, and easy transferable from my pictures to the drive and back.
I have recommended it to loads of people and encourage everyone to back up all data.

The only negitive is sometimes the drive jams the computer when first pluged in if the computer is already on, but not often.

When this one is full i will buy another.
whosaidwhatwhen Date:2011-03-03
I just did a very comprehensive review of six "ruggedized" portable hard drives and the Superior SH93 won. As soon as it arrived, I dropped it in a pitcher of water for about ten minutes. Then I dropped it on my tile floor a few times. It's been running flawlessly for 3 over weeks now. Bonus - it wakes/sleeps with my Mac. My last three external drives would not support wake/sleep properly.

I posted a writeup of my search here if you're interested:
galuhkusumastuti Date:2011-03-03
I've been using this device for a month, and I love it. The unique shape and bright colors favored by my friends. Protective rubber makes it easy to hold the hard drive. Data transfer is good and this hard drive are easily recognizable on any computer. And don't forget that SH93 price is so reasonable. Good job Adata!
huevo_4_ever Date:2011-02-10
From the variety of storage space i bought one whit 320 Gb, works perfectly out of the box!
It suits every person, it can be handled by anyone whitout worrying!
ionita.mihai Date:2011-02-10
Very practical product. Its all I need, as I travel a lot and don't want to worry about the safety of my files. What is great about it: Shockproof, waterproof, good grip due to the rubber and its design, USB cable is attached to the external drive, good price, fast transfer, light weight and girls love it :)
tstrachan Date:2011-02-02
Very portable, great device!
mahyari Date:2011-01-31
It's excellent. Although it has a lot of features, its price is good and affordable. Moreover, its support is well. however, I'd like to have this device with higher capacity such as 1 TB or 1.5 TB. Generally it is perfect.
scwales Date:2011-01-20
They're almost the only child-proof item in my home office!
They consistently work, too. They're also only drive I recommend to people when I want no come-backs.
jathompson Date:2011-01-14
Brilliant! Works perfectly straight out of the box. Used as a mobile data store and backup drive.

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