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SH14 Water Resistant/Shockproof USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

Stylish Yet Tough

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SH14 Water Resistant/Shockproof USB 3.0 External Hard Drive
The SH14 is a continuation of last year's industry-acclaimed pioneering water-resistant and shockproof SH93 portable hard drive. The company is touting the super-tough exterior of the SH14, and is again targeting the on-the-go crowd whose active lifestyles call for shockproof performance. The new SH14 offers a new approach to shock-resistant designs, combining a modern style and a Superspeed USB 3.0 interface with military grade shockproof and water resistant construction. The result is a fashionable break from the cold and monotonous outer form often seen in drives of this class.

Customer Reviews
mehr1365 Date:2012-08-26
It has nice shape(Good design), Good performance and good quality.
I like it.
r.karthikeya Date:2012-08-22
The best performance which i ever had with my external hard disks ,this is my 6th external drive which is most better than other. Date:2012-08-08
The first time it worked with USB 1.0 but it doesn't worked with USB 2.0 computers and there was some data redundancy error. Currently it works good and I'm happy! The USB 3.0 cable is very short and it is not easy to use it in some situations. It is beautiful and the best brand I know!
unzon Date:2012-08-03
Things that are great about it
Finally! an external USB-hard drive who's not warming with constant work!, a unit who not spend a lot of energy resources of the USB connector, the black color still as a discrete element closer to my PC, no leds means a discrete activity of the unit, the high capacity and the transfer rate makes the difference with other storage media, I like it.
hhenrychan Date:2012-07-16
Easy to use and fast. The design is so cool.
r_ashok41 Date:2012-05-13
I had been to China recently on an official visit and normally I have bought earlier Transcend/Samsung/Seagate portable Hard drives to store my files and movies and nostalgia of photos.I went with one of my colleague to a shop to help me buy one of the above make hard drives but he recommended me to buy ADATA which I had not heard being in India hence was skeptical about it but he made me to buy the same saying that he has used the same.I do not repent about the same and I bought your I TB and am looking forward to buying one more.
The speed of data transfer is simply great unlike my other ones which are nearly an year old but your size is also very sleek and is very robust in construction.
I can only thank you for giving us a good portable hard disk drive and can only say to keep your good work so that you will always in the forefront of technology and better than the ones mentioned by me.
Best of luck.
alimeeting Date:2012-03-14
I'd like it
everything is ok just the speed is not perfect
totally it's good
philpilar Date:2012-03-14
Bought the 1tb(red cause may brother got the black one) model. It's my very first usb 3.0 device and I must say, I'm really happy with it's performance. Averages around 90-100mbs for large files! My only con is that I had to reformat it to NTFS. This is my second Adata product, the first one was a 16gb sdhc. Got it around 4 years ago and I'm still using it now. Really satisfied with the reliability of their products so far. Next purchase might be one of their SSD's. Good job ADATA! Will definitely recommend your products to my friends!
soorya.sasi Date:2012-02-13
Great product for the price, I was attracted to the promotion @ amazon UK at the time (Nov 2011), 55£ for the 1TB drive with the 3 yr warranty = no brainer B U Y. Does not need a y cable on my oldish dell inspiron, where a 500 gb WD drive needs the extra juice from a y cable to run. The supplied cable was not fitting properly on the laptop side, so emailed Adata and they posted me a replacement immediately, no hassles. So nearly 2 months later I am a happy customer indeed.
steven.glvs Date:2012-02-09
truly best external HDD..shock proof, happened to drop it from 4 ft by accident but works fantastic...truly rugged and no noise at all....
breid_1 Date:2012-02-09
I've never had an external hard drive, but I do not regret buying it,
is quiet, pleasant to the touch and discreet.

It has a solid construction that gives confidence
in my experience has suffered two falls of about one meter
and even so still with excellent performance.

One of its strengths is the transfer via USB 3.0
and I could copy 77 GB in just 10 minutes, when compared to
USB 2.0 we have that this takes at least 20 to 30 minutes to transfer.

Something we should take into account the wire, as this comes separately, so it is
easy to lose sight, this might be a disadvantage.

Another thing is the LED that is not very visible, so it is difficult to see if this is running or not.

We must take good care of the insertion of the cable because it can scratch your unit, I hope that over time
this is not a problem, it often happens that after a while the connector may be damaged, so
recommend to be careful in this regard.

Although LED cable and has been a very good buy, my first experience
with an external drive has been very nice, and really appreciate it,
transfer and construction are the best, recommended 100%.

I hope it has served this small review.

Greetings! :)
chatterjeeakashnil Date:2012-02-07
The best USB 3.0 external hdd money can buy.

1. Blistering fast performance, as fast as desktop drives.
2. Shock proof and water resistant.
3. Good color scheme.
4. Attractive price and low cost per GB.
5. High capacity at small form factor.

Activity LED is a little dim and hard to notice as its placed sideways, the LED should be placed on top, but not really a con cause drives from other manufacturers suffer from same LED misplacement issues.
yamman92 Date:2012-02-07
Simply amazing. My only "con" is that the data cable isn't retractable and/or permanently connected to the drive in an efficient hassle-free manner. Other than that I can't be happier with my purchase. Will definitely be getting more AData products in the future!
yamman92 Date:2012-02-07
I got the 500GB one and am completely satisfied with backing up all my data on it. Its most convenient qualities are it's "all-proof" so to speak. But I don't recommend using the HDDtoGo software, because its encryption tool caused me significant data loss due to corruption of the files after encryption. Apart from that, it's the best. Will certainly be getting more AData products in the future.
bucsa.carmen Date:2012-02-03
I have the 500GB version. I got it in december (actually I won it :D) and I like it very much. It has enough space and it is really fast (last time I downloaded something on it worked with about 100mb/sec). I also like that it is watherproof (tested). What I don't like very much is that it gets dirty very fast, I leave it on my desk and in a few days it's dust all over it. But maybe it is so visible beaucause it is black (or because I am obsessed with dust).
llcp7 Date:2012-02-02
its just plug in and away you go its a very fast quiet hard drive and i got the 1tb one at a fantastic price so will last ages for loads of back ups nothing bad about it. also looks smart if you are into tht
akkala82 Date:2011-12-28
So Fast HDD

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