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Premier Pro SP900 Solid State Drive

The Unbeatable Upgrade

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Premier Pro SP900 Solid State Drive
The Premier Pro SP900 SSD not only boasts impressive performance numbers, but also offers a competitive price advantage to those looking to upgrade. It is expanded capacity solid state drive which uses new optimized firmware to utilize greater storage capacity of the NAND Flash components drive. With superior NAND Flash, the Premier Pro SP900 reaches new levels of stability and performance, with a 7% increase in storage capacity over common SSDs in the market that use a SandForce controller.

Customer Reviews
commdad Date:2012-08-23
I bought this 128GB SSD on sale for $80 for both it's price and good reviews. It installed with no issues into a Dell 6320 and the performance increase was immediate. The login time is almost immediate and Microsoft apps initiate with no wait time. I would not hesitate to purchase another especially with that price point..
rontan398 Date:2012-08-20
Thank Adata for providing good quality SSD with compatitive pricing. I have used the SSD on my 2 years old notebook (MSI FX603; i5 6G GT425 FHD with Fiber network 100M up / 50M down) with a HDD caddy it works like champ. I can play BF3 without lag. This is my second purchased, SSD 128G perimer pro unit to replace my Adata SSD 60G S510.

Acronis software is also easy to use cloning the SSD is quick and simple.

Every solution provided by Adata is is good, a reliable brand indeed.

Thanks .
christian.adeen Date:2012-07-21
I've bought 2 of these 1 for my net book and 1 for a desktop. I have had Intel SSDs before in my workstation and been really happy with them.

But the two SSDs I bought from A-data is not used as frequently and the systems don't need much room. Therefor I chose A-data after reading a lot of reviews.

I'm very happy with the disc since they deliver great performance per dollar spent.

I would give these disks 5 out of 5 if it wasn't for the tiresome process of downloading Acronis True image HD. First I need to register here on A-data's site then on Acronis site, then punch in a 16 digit code to get a 60! digit code. For me that was really annoying,
I would rather see A-data do the same thing as Intel and deliver a there own program.

Also I do help family and friends with there computers and as far as I know there is no way to schedule TRIM with Acronis software, I would like to be able to do this because (no offence mom if you read this) my family isn't that good with computers. And I don't trust them with rembering to let the computer sit on login screen over night so the disk can do garbage collection.

Other then that I'm really happy with these disks my net book and desktop feels like new computers and are perfect for surfing, chatting and some gaming but that's more of a graphics card problem.
bradley.dawson Date:2012-07-21
This drive is a great bang for the buck. I got mine for $80. Runs extremely fast. Windows 7 boots in 5 seconds or less and load times basically no longer exist. The packaging made it safely in a padded envelope via USPS (which scared me considering how they normally care for items). The adapter is great as well.

My specs:
i5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz
8GB G.Skill Sniper RAM
Biostar TP67XE
johan.a Date:2012-07-21
The product is great in my Alienware M14X !!! Good product !!
wojo58 Date:2012-07-17
This review is posted from the perspective of someone who is a first-time SSD user. I installed this drive as a new drive 0 with a single partition using a fresh install of Windows7.

1) the drive came well packaged, and the instructions are adequate for someone with a little technical knowledge.
1) Conversion bracket was handy and the drive installed easily in my CM HAF 912 case.
2) My BIOS/motherboard (ASRock H61M/U3S3) instantly recognized the drive asa 128G SSD
3) I used a SATA3 port and set the SATA3 type for UHCI
4) I installed Windows 7 without a hitch; boot times are extremely fast. All applications installed on this drive are without exception performing off the charts.
5) SATA cable not included; would have been a nice addition
6) Did not use included Acronis software free download

For around $100, this upgrade to any older machine is a no-brainer. I cannot comment on the reliability of this drive, but from what I understand the older SandForce firmware issues are no longer relevant on the newer firmware drive. I am pleased with my purchase, and plan on getting another drive if this one proves reliable. As a suggestion, before attempting a SSD install, watch a few internet videos on installation; they help!

felixkam Date:2012-07-11
The product is great. Except that it does not work properly on my early 2011 macbook pro... It seems to be a problem previously experienced by people with the same machine on the Crucial M4. The culprit seems to be some SATA 3 stuff... The issue on the Crucial M4 was solved by a firmware update by the way. This is probably Apple's fault, but please do fix it and your product will be awesome for more people.

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