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S599 2.5" SATA II Solid State Drive

Extraordinary Performance, Remarkable Speed

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S599 2.5" SATA II Solid State Drive
Equipped with the latest SandForce SF-1222 processor, ADATA's S599 Solid State Drive delivers remarkable performance. Sporting a maximum of 280 MB/s read speed and 270 MB/s write speed1 and 50,000 IOPS2, it is even faster than the Intel G2 SSD, an achievement unparalleled by traditional hard drives. The S599 SSD is highly reliable and durable, delivers significantly higher performance, saves power, and stays cool. With a three-year warranty, you can enjoy high-level computing quality and reliability trouble free.

Customer Reviews
myamdnvidiarig Date:2012-05-10
Great SSD very quick and haven't had a single problem with anything from installation to performance and at a good price. I will be doing with business with adata again for sure I want to try their ram next!
markp Date:2012-02-09
Several months ago I installed the Adata S599 as the boot drive for Windows 7. Windows 7 installation took very little time and the start-up and shut-down times were dramatically reduced compared to a conventional hard drive.

I chose Adata based on reviews on vendor sites and also on the fact that the Adata SSD offered the best value.

Windows 7 automatically recognized the Adata S599 and set up the TRIM function.

The Adata S599 has been running flawlessly since it was installed.
gregwongkw Date:2012-02-08
I have bought this ADATA S599 2.5" SATA II Solid State Drive and found it work marvelous.
I notebook seems to upgrade to a new model.

- Speedy; much faster than the traditional hard disk.
- Price is good.
- Able to flash Firmware within Window.
- Package included 3.5"" converter which made in Aluminum

Not good enough:
- NO migration software provide make the hard disk replacement time consuming.
david_j_gibson Date:2012-02-03
I have been using the S599 128GB Drive for about a year now in my main gaming rig as a boot drive, and it offers stellar performance. Just plug and Play, no fiddling with formats or firmware, worked right out of box. This drive has been rock solid and had no issues with corrupted data or hibernation mode. A definitely good buy!!
bwilde09 Date:2011-05-26
This drive was installed in my Win7 build.
I was amazed at the reduction of boot time and application load times.
I researched a number of SSDs and I am very pleased with my descision to go with ADATA.

I have found nothing wrong with this drive, it worked flawlessly out of the box and
I have not had a problem with it in about 3 months of heavy usage.
beachwv Date:2011-05-19
Built a new computer and decided to use SSD for my operating system drive...Chose this one because of an article on Tom's Hardware site....Updated firmware and installed OS without problem...Have been using it for several months and absolutely love it....Boot times and opening programs was significantly improved...Don't know of any other upgrade that would have given me this much improvement in performance...
Upgrading the firmware was not easy..Finally got it done and all was ok
benleesg Date:2011-05-19
This the 2nd SSD I have. Been using few mths. No issues at all on Window7 since installed.
Previous using Intel G2 160gb.To be honest , this S599 is much faster than the G2 . And yet cheaper than the G2!!
Love this drive very much.

Likes :
- Speedy .Great performance out of box
- Value for money
- Able to flash Firmware within Window. Which DONT need to burn an Bootable CD like lots of other brand
- Package included 3.5"" converter which made in Aluminum

Dislikes :
- Not include cloning software
- Not much infos on weddy. As not much user using it ?
jeffsam7 Date:2011-05-19
This drive replaced a 7200rpm hard drive in my desktop computer. Boots in approximately 20-30 seconds now. The only thing that seems to slow it down is the other hard drives seem to slow down the booting (I can hear them spin up when the loading pauses). That of course is not any fault of the ssd, but it's something to be aware of if you have a lot of other drives, especially external ones. This makes the other drives look ridiculously slow in comparison. I also tried it in a laptop and had even better boot times, as well as increased battery life. Overall, great value for money, however for any significant application or game use, an additional storage drive will be necessary, at least with the drive I could afford (64gb).
orbound.agee Date:2011-05-19
Upgraded to this from a Kingston SSDNow drive and what a difference! This SSD is fast. Rock solid performance and stability. Over a period of eight to twelve months constant use (Excel, Photoshop, HD Video Rendering, Hardware Benchmarking, Gaming) and multiple system rebuilds there has been no degradation of read, write or access speeds. Also, the cost of this drive is often half or two thirds the cost of drives which don't perform on the same level. Fast and reliable, Adata's products just work, and work well.
john.zhao5 Date:2011-05-19
Bought the 64GB version of this drive to replace a 5400RPM HDD in a Fujitsu T2020 tablet PC.

The drive was excellent while it was working. Boot up times below 20s were making my Macbook Pro owning friends jealous. Performance in applications was brisk and I never encountered any stuttering or slowdowns. Drive came pre-formatted and with a 3.5" mounting kit in case you wanted to use this drive in a desktop. The price and value of the drive was great.

After a month or so, the drive mysteriously died. ADATA customer support was very good however and their people were all locally based in the US. They gave me some good suggestions for data recovery which unfortunately didn't work. Warranty and RMA processes were simple and did not require any jumping through hoops to get things done.
josh Date:2011-03-08
Once you go SSD you don't go back and I'm glad I chose Adata to go there. My netbook boot time went from almost 2 minutes to a constant 21 second boot time for Windows 7 Pro from pushing the button to using the internet. I got it down to 17 seconds by disabling select startup items. Booting into Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition it works fairly well, not nearly as speedy as Windows though. Used with a Toshiba NB255-N245 w/ 1.6Ghz Atom processor and 1GB of RAM. The only problem I encountered was the firmware update. The drive was not recognized in BIOS during multiple reboots. Did a cold boot and the drive was finally recognized. Other than that, this has been the most reasonable costing speed upgrade for a public sector PC I have EVER done in my 15+ years of working on home PC's.

- Quick, very quick.
- Great cost to performance ratio
- Reduced access time means better battery life (squeezed 8+ hours of computing time out of my netbook vs. 6 with standard 5400 RPM HDD)
- Firmware updates can be done within Windows, not sent to manufacturer
- Peace of mind from hard drive motor failure/shock (my favorite part of SSD in general)

- Firmware update was not very smooth.
- It hurts when forking over $$$ for only 58GB of usable space.
skysoldiermike Date:2011-03-06
This wonderful drive invigorated my computer experience. Using Windows Vista Home premium, I can now go from shutting down to a restart in under 50 seconds. My computer can go from off to ready in 33 seconds, more than a minute faster in startup time. I can completely drain a 2 gb USB Drive in a few minutes instead f the usual 15-20 minutes, and it came this way out of the box. Of course, this is the primary drive in my computer, and now all programs lod from this drive in seconds, instead of the usuall couple of minutes, an example is WordPerfect Office Suite, now loads in a few seconds versus the minutes it previously took. By the way, I previously had a learning experiece with OCX SSD Hard Drive, that never could be recognized as a primary system drive in either Windows 7 or Vista, this cost me $45 to return it, because of a restocking fee.
snc1 Date:2011-03-06
My first venture into SSD's. I installed the S599 (100GB) for my boot drive on a new build PC: i7 980X Extreme, Asus Rampage III Extreme, 12GB Ram. All went painlessly, WIN7 64bit, installed in no time flat.
Boot time from when it says "Window is starting" takes 11.5 seconds.
I process and convert lot of Video files, where the i7 CPU comes into it's own, the Adata SSD makes this a breeze, when compared to my old HD.
ATTO Disk benchmark shows the read speed peaking at 284963 MB/sec, very snappy.

A great drive, highly recommended.
alex161173 Date:2011-03-04
plug & price...!!! Date:2011-03-04
Did a lot of research before I bought these drives. The A-Data drives consistently performed better than pretty much all others in the Sandforce class. Plus the price is cheaper than all the rest! I think A-Data got this exactly right. Best performance and cheapest price is almost unheard of these days but A-Data wins hands down. I have 3 of these 64 GB drives in a RAID 0 array on an overclocked water cooled EVGA X58 Classified motherboard and it smokes everything. This PC was fast before but now...WOW! ATTO scores are through the roof maxing out my ICH10 raid bandwidth. Buying these drives is the best money I've spent. Windows 7 64 ultimate boot times under 30 seconds from power on to login screen with most of that time being spent by the bios. Absolutely a must have if you want speed and performance.


Extremely fast read and write especially in RAID 0 where it maxes out the ICH10R with 3-4 drives

Price can't be beat...better than the competition!

Very little heat generated.

Includes adapter bracket and screws.

3 year warranty!


None so far and I don't think I will have any.

In closing I think A-Data has a real winner here. They have it all going their way and ultimately the customers way as well. Best price, best performance, and good support make these drives a must have. Keep it up A-Data and well done!
philip Date:2011-03-04
Great Drive. I am using it as my boot drive and a 1 terabyte drive for data and the machines just moves along fast. I get into windows in about 25 seconds from the time I hit the power button. It shuts down in 4 seconds. I was very impressed by the performance of this drive and will be definitely getting another one these in my next build.
david_j_gibson Date:2011-03-04
This SSD offers the best value for your money. High speed transfers and reliable data storage make this ssd a great deal, I put it into a cheap laptop and turned it into a powerhouse rated 7.5 WEI. (I know its not an accurate benchmarking tool, but it works as a general rating).

Before using this drive I highly recommend updating the firmware, remember to do it as administrator or it wont work. Also it is important to be in AHCI mode (most new laptops are by default, but check in your bios) to get the highest transfer speeds.

I cannot think of a single bad thing to say about this drive, it is fast, inexpensive and reliable.
bsuttonquaid Date:2011-02-21
I just replaced the HDD in my Dell laptop with this 120GB SSD HDD. WOW, very fast! The price was right, and reviews indicated that this drive was as fast or faster than the other SandForce based SSD's.

I wish there was more information about the firmware updates. What is being updated? How do I know if I need an update? The information about this is not clear.
toodugs Date:2011-02-02
I was drawn to the drive because of the cost per gigabyte and the Read/Write speeds. Although most SSDs and hard drives in general rarely ever see their theoretical maximums this drive performs very well. I've got the S599 256GB in my Sony VAIO laptop running Windows 7 x64 and 8Gigs of DDR3 1333 RAM.

I am a student, so I get to see alot of laptop load times and general performance levels. There aren't many that even come close the the speed with which this Adata S599 SSD executes requests. Additionally, from the time I hit the power button, including the bios screen it takes about 25ish seconds for me to be logged in and working. I couldn't be happier with this drive and to top it all off I got it at a reduced price from a New Egg distributor on Black Monday.
raleona Date:2011-01-24
This product is being used on a desktop with WIN 7 and microsoft office loaded. All other applications are loaded on a separate hard disk. The ADATA 64 GB load time to windows is less than 45 seconds, and the benchmarks per ATTO are close to the specifications listed for this product.

Pros: fast load times for os and applications, included hardware, technical support response time

Cons: firmware update in dos ( win 7 OS), no tool kit (erase function and trim read out needed), and high temperature read out
demojica Date:2011-01-23
This SSD is the boot drive for my Dell Latitude E6500. The drive that came with the laptop was a 7,200 rpm 256gb HD. To be honest the SSD was just a little faster then the original drive. Just today I went back to the Adata web site to look for an up firmware update. There it was, downloaded and ran it ASAP. Been playing around down for a good 15 minutes. Now I'm am seeing the quickness that I was expected when I bougth it in Dec. '10.

I use the laptop for AutoCAD 2010 and general computing.

I am very glad now that I bought the S599 vs the Intel that I was eyeing to get.
alex.baibarin Date:2011-01-20
Replaced 5400RPM HDD in my laptop with this one.

- Great price for value and great value for price
- Excellent speed and overall performance - it makes a lot of difference just doing everyday tasks in Windows
- Build time for large project reduced 4 times (10 minutes instead of 45, and it could be better with faster CPU)
- Came preformatted in NTFS with correct offset (which matters)

- None so far.
- Warranty time from seller is 10 months only, but official is 3 years and it's available in my country. No problems though so far.

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