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Capture Those Precious Moments for a Lifetime of Reminiscing

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With the ADATA CF533X high-speed CompactFlash card, all your most special moments can be captured and stored without worrying about dropped frames. The new UDMA (Ultra Direct Memory Access) transfer interface enables the ADATA CF533X a write speed of up to 50 MB/s1. This makes it ideal for both amateur and professional photographers using high-megapixel DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) cameras by decreasing the time needed for saving pictures and expediting storage readiness for subsequent shots.

Customer Reviews
xx1372 Date:2012-07-22
it generates superb performance as expected. the 32G 533X is a nice companion for my EOS 7D running on raw format.
mail Date:2012-02-11
I have been using the 'well known' cards for years and came across ADATA when carefully choosing and pricing a higher end Canon DSLR. I was suprised at the online prices, for both the 16GB and 32GB CF cards. My first thought was that it would be a waste not to match the camera by buying one of the cards with which I was familiar but as the vendor was so impressed by ADATA, I decided to give a 32GB CF a try; at that price it was a fraction of what I was expecting to pay.

A very sound decision, I'm pleased to say and I would recommend these cards without hesitation. Obviously, the capacity is massive but the speed and quality are superb also, whether for stills or movies. Wherever you see them, just know that they will do the job for you and buy.
mafotografix Date:2011-05-19
I purchased the 533x 32gb card about a year ago and it's not failed me at all. It writes and reads without hesitation. I used it with my Canon DSLR 5DmkII shooting stills as well as video. I'd strongly recommend it. Besides being a quality product, it is also very affordable. I plan to purchase more.
ygs3 Date:2011-05-19
As a wedding Photographer armed with a Canon 7D, I needed a fast and reliable CF card.
ADATA’s 16GB card was perfect solution for me with their size and price point.
My first 16 GB card from ADATA was bought 16 months ago and today I have 3 x 16 GB by ADATA.

I have never had any issue with any of these cards and plan on purchasing the larger 32 GB when the new 5D MKIII is released.
When you need speed and reliability this card comes through for you. I recommend this CF to anybody with a high end camera.

Excellent product for an excellent price!

Thank you ADATA.
wconnors5 Date:2011-03-04
A new purchase (but based on prior ADATA ownership) to complement a new camera. ADATA was chosen because of capacity, speed (movie mode in camera and 8 pics per second still photos requires it) and value. I have not been dissapointed with my purchase. It's one of the fastest and lowest priced CF cards that has earned consistantly high ratings and has an unbeatable warranty. I now own 4 of the 16GB cards.

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