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Norton Internet Security Free download of Norton Internet Security is only available through December 31, 2013.


Your newly purchased ADATA DRAM Module / Flash Product comes with a free 60-day trial of Norton Internet Security for your protection. We recommend you download and install it immediately to start your protection now. The volume and sophistication of online security attacks increased substantially in the last few years, and Norton cybercrime report shows that 65% of adults worldwide have been the victims of cybercrime.
Therefore ADATA and Norton have worked together to provide internet security, ensuring that customers are protected against a variety of online threats.

Applicable products

ADATA Flash & DRAM Module products

Step 1.
1.1 If you have been registered your product, Just proceed to Step 2. 1.2 Enter your personal info and the Number on the back of product package. 1.3 You will receive confirmation e-mail and member account info.

Step 2.
2.1 Go to login screen, login with your member account.

Step 3.
3.1 Go to ADATA’s “Exclusive Download
Download Norton2013


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