The RC300 dash recorder uses advanced optics and sensors to provide accurate and responsive road recording. It has a high-grade 6-layered lens with an infrared filter layer (“6G+1”), F/2.0 large aperture for excellent low light performance, and wide 140-degree viewing angle to cover more of the road. Recording is in full HD 1080p/30 frames per second, with up to 128GB of storage via microSDXC. Wherever you go, get complete coverage for a full day of driving with greater confidence.

High Quality 6G+1 Lens for Sharp Image Quality

The RC300 employs a premium lens composed of 6-layered, A-class coated glass and an infrared filter layer. The lens is highly scratch resistant and can withstand extreme temperature variance without risk of deformation. This helps maintain consistently clear high definition video, free from distortion and anomalies.

F/2.0 Large Aperture: Great Image Quality in Low Light

With its large F/2.0 aperture, the RC300 receives ample light to sustain equally excellent recording quality for nighttime driving or in other environments where low light is prevalent. Whatever the weather or time of day, you get the same high performance to help keep you and everyone around you safe.

Big Expansion Up to 128GB

Being an ADATA product, the RC300 goes big on storage and is expandable to 128GB with microSDXC cards. Choose your capacity and record every trip with up to a full day of uninterrupted video. Planned or spontaneous journeys, the RC300 backs you up and never misses a vital moment.

Crisp and Clear Full HD Video

Higher 1080P resolution capture takes in more details with enhanced clarity. The RC300 reproduces your car trips with impressive fidelity, ensuring essential details are kept intact. This comes in handy in various situations: when you need to remove doubt (for example capturing a license plate from a distance), enjoying video from a pleasant cruise in scenic locations, and more.

140° Viewing Angle Covers More of the Road

Wide coverage is essential in a dash camera, especially in highly active traffic environments where the sidelines are often the source of incidents. The RC300 has a 140-degree viewing angle, which is impressive for such a compact device and significantly better than generic 120-degree cameras. With more of the road viewed and smaller “dead zones”, you get more accurate capture of your travels.

Wide Dynamic Range Detailed Capture

Sophisticated sensors optimize the RC300 for diverse light conditions on the move. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology maintains clarity and balanced contrast when transiting from dark to light areas suddenly or when the camera is exposed to bright reflections so that details are not washed out or otherwise lost due to light condition fluctuations.

G-Sensor Shock Detection and Protection

G-Sensor technology has been designed to detect collisions and other sudden changes in vehicle direction or velocity. The RC300 uses shock sensing to auto-start emergency recording should you experience any incidents on the road. Content can be locked to prevent deletion or tampering for later use as evidence if needed.

Free 16GB microSD Card Bundle

We include a premium 16GB microSDHC card with every RC300 to get you started. The bundled SD card uses durable MLC Flash that passes strict ADATA quality assurance checks and can store up to 140 minutes of full HD 1080p video.

Sample Video - Day

Sample Video - Night