For those who spend as much time in the field as at a desk, now there is a flash memory product to go with your active lifestyle. The newly released S007 flash drive has the resilience and endurance to stand up to rougher terrain, with data transmission speeds plenty fast enough to keep up with you. Compliance with the US MIL-SPEC standards dispels fears of data loss due to environmental factors. With a curved yet simple profile, the surface of the main body provides a comfortable and slip-resistant grip. A layer of military-grade protective rubber insulation provides waterproof and shock-resistant performance.

Wraparound Design with Plug-in Slot for Cap

Following the introduction of the sports-oriented RB series, ADATA launched the S007, which features a patented wraparound design with a storage slot for the cap. This handy configuration eases worries over lost caps, and will change the way you think about USB flash drives.

* Over long term use, the material will be subject to normal wear and tear, which may weaken the holding force on the cap. Do not use excessive force when removing the cap.


The protective rubber insulation prevents water damage when the drive is closed.

***Cap must cover USB connector for waterproof effect***
***Waterproof performance lab tested at a depth of 1 meter, for 20 minutes***

Proven Tough Against Shocks from Impact

Hardy construction provides dependable data access, no matter how harsh the environment where your work or play takes you.

Fully compliant with US MIL-STD-810F-514.5C-3 military standard, giving your data high-level protection from dropping and shock impacts.

Blazingly Fast Data Transfers

The ADATA S007 USB drive adheres to USB 2.0 high-speed transfer specs, reaching up to 30 MB/s for reading and up to 8MB/s1 for writing, which is 10% faster than ordinary USB 2.0 flash drives.

Usage Indicator Light

LED indicator light gives visual notification when drive is in use.