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External SSD

Q1: 【OTHER DEVICES】Why isn’t the external SSD recognized by non-PC devices?
Q2: Do you have guides for formatting external SSD in Mac OS?
Q3: 【MOBILE DEVICES】Which devices ADATA exSSD can be compatible with?
Q4: 【PC】How to remove the exSSD safely from PCs?
Q5: 【OTHER TECHNICAL QUESTIONS】Why is my device reporting the external SSD has less capacity than advertised?
Q6: 【OTHER TECHNICAL QUESTIONS】I think my external SSD has low transfer speeds
Q7: 【OTHER TECHNICAL QUESTIONS】How to format external drives in Mac OS?
Q8: 【OTHER TECHNICAL QUESTIONS】How to format external drives in Windows?
Q10: 【OTHER DEVICES】How to connect the external SSD to a smart TV?
Q11: 【ANDROID MOBILE DEVICE】Why does my mobile device OS freeze when I connect it to the external SSD while using certain security apps, such as anti-virus programs or device cleaners?
Q12: 【ANDROID MOBILE DEVICE】I disconnected the USB Type-C (OTG) cable after checking that file copying is complete in the status bar of the mobile device, and now I can’t open the files I just copied
Q13: 【pc】The external SSD isn’t recognized by my PC
Q14: 【pc】I can’t copy files to the external SSD from my Windows PC