MIGUcast MV100 connects to any HDMI port on your TV to deliver your favorite CCTV stations and many other popular channels from mobile devices to the big screen. Enjoy entertainment, sports, news, and movies on a large, spacious screen with wireless convenience. MIGUcast gives you access to tons of Chinese-language content, so it's perfect for learning the language.

Big channel lineup - something for everyone

MIGUcast is powered by the MIGU TV app. When you sign up, you get one year free to stream major channels such as the entire CCTV schedule and China's top 30 TV outlets - that's a lot of content to choose from for any interest and preference!

Nation-wide highest rated CCTV channels

Choice of popular TV stations and channels

Special interest selections (food, travel, sports, movies)

Hit shows - variety, comedy, drama, action, and more

Live entertainment and variety shows bring the family together, especially in festive times for shared happiness.

Food and travel channels help people pick up cooking and vacation ideas in their spare time.

Live sports events enjoyed together with friends from all around the world.

Easy to use, effortless to enjoy

MIGUcast works seamlessly with Android and iOS devices and any TV or monitor with HDMI in. Touch controls make the whole process super simple.

Step 1: Connect MIGUcast MV100 to an HDMI in port and powered USB

Step 2: Download the MIGU TV app on your mobile device

Step 3: Follow the on-screen app instructions

Navigate to a channel of your choice and click the cast icon

Installation Video