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External HDD

Q1: How do I record with the HM900?
Q2: HDD Failure
Q3: Insufficient HDD current supply
Q4: Waterproof HD710
Q5: HD710 Pro Shock Sensor Technology
Q6: How to format external hard drives in windows?
Q7: Do you have guides for formatting external hard drives in Mac OS?
Q8: After the ADATA external drive has been formatted by a Smart TV, the drive then cannot be read by my computer. Is there a compatibility issue with Smart TV?
Q9: Why does my data transfer sometimes stop in the middle of the process?
Q10: When the hard disk is in use, halfway into a transfer I receive an I / O device error! How can I save the data I was working with?
Q11: Why is my hard disk squawking, or making a lot of weird noise?
Q12: Do newly purchases hard drives need to be formatted? Which format is better?
Q13: How do I partition a hard drive?
Q14: What are the differences between SSD & HDD?
Q15: How should I back up important data for secure storage? How long can it be stored?
Q16: When I connect the external hard drive, the system asks me if I want to format it!
Q17: Why can’t my computer detect an external hard drive?
Q18: Why is my actual capacity of the product less than what is marked on the packaging? How much less capacity is reasonable?
Q19: Why can't I transfer 4GB or larger files to storage media? Why do I receive a “destination disk drive is full” message when I know there is still space available on the destination disk?
Q20: The external hard drive section of you webpage recommends the purchase of an additional Y-cable for installation. What is the purpose of the installation? Can it be done without a Y-cable?