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Issued on : 12-19-2017
ADATA is Proud to Present the P10050, P16750, and P20100 Series of Power Banks
Tremendous power in a myriad of hues, all in the palm of your hand

Taipei, Taiwan – December 19, 2017 – ADATA® Technology Co., Ltd., a world leading memory brand, is proud to present the P10050, P16750, and P20100 series of power banks. With the increasing demand of mobile devices in our everyday lives, having a ready source of power is often a necessity. In the past, mobile charging solutions were often thought of as heavy and did not hold enough power to charge more than one device. To address these issues, ADATA has developed a series of power banks that feature smaller dimensions, while not compromising on power capacity and performance. With their multicolored options, ADATA’s power banks are a stylish yet practical solution for keeping your electronics topped off when you are out and about. Furthermore, the P10050, P16750, and P20100 are all equipped with the best-quality batteries and multiple safety measures, to ensure stability and peace of mind for the user. Take your pick from the P10050, P16750, and P20100, to enjoy the best and snazziest charging solution! 

Smaller sizes for greater portability
ADATA refuses to be bound by tradition. Where power banks used to be bulky and heavy, the P10050, P16750, and P20100 are compact and easily portable, without sacrificing power capacity or performance. The three power banks can respectively store 10050mAh, 16750mAh, and 20100mAh, enough to charge a smartphone to 100% four times over. Furthermore, all three power banks are equipped with two USB output ports, each providing 2.0 amperes, and can be charged and discharged simultaneously, thus allowing users to charge two devices at once, or charge their devices while also charging the power bank. Each power bank is also equipped with a built-in LED flashlight, which means it’s no longer necessary to have a dedicated flashlight when users go camping or during power outages.

Designed for style, performance, and safety
The P10050’s rounded outline and multicolored options make it elegantly fashionable and refined option for mobile power. The P16750 and P20100’s dual color scheme also exude a sense of style and luxury. However, performance and safety were not sacrificed for the appreciation of beauty; instead, the power banks are equipped with best quality batteries and specially designed circuits to prevent over-charging and over-discharging, which can damage the battery and shorten the product’s lifespan. With their first-rate parts and fire-resistant outer casings, ADATA’s power banks easily meet IEC 60950 safety standards, and have multiple defenses against issues such as over-charging and discharging, over-heating, short circuits, and over-voltage in input and output. Enjoy complete peace of mind when you use an ADATA power bank!

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