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Global Events

● Region: Global
● Event period: 2011-11-28 ~ 2011-12-12
● Theme : Vote the USB 3.0 Products you “love” the most
Then you will have a chance to win USB 3.0 prizes

Enhance our Professional & Innovative Brand Image
by emphasizing the utilization of an Advanced Technology “USB 3.0 “ in our hot-selling Pen drvie & HDD products.
● Region: Global
● Event period: 2011-10-24 ~ 2011-11-06
● Theme : Endless Waiting, or ADATA USB 3.0, pursuit your Love, Life, Dreams.

STEP 1: Become an ADATA Global Fan
STEP 2: Leave a message telling us how USB 3.0 saves you from waiting for something you love, and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win the prizes
STEP 3: Share this event with your friend to get more chances to win