ADATA is demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing high performance and highly energy-efficient cloud cluster server memory solutions. The VLP U-DIMM ECC DDR3L 1600 1.35V is the first to implement gold finger beveled design, which reduces the risks posed during system installation. Simultaneously, ADATA cloud cluster server memory utilizes imported Japanese-made capacitors MLCC, and 30µ" gold plating, raising the quality standards for this kind of module to the highest. These modules meet the stringent requirements for virtualized and non-virtualized applications, and provide the best compatibility while ensuring that the principles of low power consumption are employed, making them a trusted and eco-friendly cloud cluster server solution.

Integrated Memory Fully Meets the Demands of Cloud Cluster Servers with Remarkably High Specifications

Taking blade servers or micro servers as an example, under high-density computing and heavy-loading operation environments, the performance, reliability and power consumption become extremely important for server memory. In order to comply with the environmental need for carbon reduction, ADATA continues to lead in the development of low-power cloud server memory, resulting in the breakthrough development of VLP U-DIMM ECC DDR3L 1600 1.35V, which meet all computation-intensive types of enterprise applications and virtual environment needs. In addition, this cloud server memory supporting 1.35V will lower energy costs by up to 19%.
ADATA is the first in the industry to launch VLP U-DIMM ECC DDR3L 1600 1.35V cloud cluster server memory module with low 1.35 volt power consumption, which bring excellent quality and performance while avoiding potential damage that can be caused by improper installation. Available in 4GB and 8GB density, and supporting both Intel Sandy-Bridge / Ivy-Bridge and AMD Interlagos / Valencia platforms, the module will likely make a strong impression in the cloud server memory market.


● Compatible with JEDEC specifications
● Compatible with RoHS standards
● Supports Intel Sandy-Bridge / Ivy-Bridge platforms
● Supports AMD Interlagos / Valencia platforms