ADATA brings the energy and excitement of professional basketball to your digital home court. Introducing the NBA Jersey flash drive series, these USB drives are suited up in team colors from the world’s hottest basketball teams. They are the perfect gear to show off your devotion to your favorite NBA team. Encased in quality rubber, this series of flash drives is rugged enough to protect your data from all violations- except maybe ‘traveling’.

*Only Available in the USA

Watertight Structure

Sometimes a dunk is the last thing you want. The protective rubberized enclosure of this USB flash drive employs an innovative waterproof design, to ruggedly shield valuable files from all kinds of liquid mishaps. You won’t find a better guard for your files.

***Waterproof performance lab tested at a depth of 1 meter, for 20 minutes (without cap).

Impact Resistant

This heavily reinforced storage device is designed to take the knocks that come with mobile and athletic lifestyles. The results are mobile storage devices that are as tough as the athletes they embody.

Stain-Resistant Finish

Special protective rubber compound provides excellent durability and resiliency, and is highly resistant to marring and stains. The drive housing can be easily wiped clean with a cloth, instantly making it look good as new.