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ADATA and DriveSavers professional data recovery

ADATA has officially partnered with DriveSavers to offer professional data recovery services, which are essential in protecting users against data loss caused by mechanical drive failures, accidental deletion, file corruption, operating system or hardware changes, and other similar scenarios.

Together with DriveSavers, ADATA helps customers with seemingly lost data. From personal to professional, content and media can be recovered. DriveSavers is the leading authority in global data recovery, boasting a team of expert engineers and a top-of-the-line data recovery facility. Data that others cannot restore can be recovered by the DriveSavers lab.

DriveSavers performs “microsurgery” in a Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom to recover files from failed drives. The recovered data is then returned to you, the customer, on a “target drive” that you have chosen (DVD, USB, DataExpress, or another physical drive). DriveSavers offers a free evaluation and keeps you informed throughout the process.

DriveSavers has a “no data, no charge policy.” In the unlikely event that your data is unrecoverable, there is no charge to you.

ADATA customers get a special rate for DriveSavers services and are provided with FREE FedEx shipping to the DriveSavers laboratory. With ADATA and DriveSavers, access to the most professional hard drive data recovery service is expedient and affordable.

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Data loss and recovery—experiencing data loss

Data loss can be painful. It can occur anytime, anywhere, and without warning.

As computer users, we create and collect huge amounts of content. We store documents, photos, videos, music files, and more. But what is the cost of lost data? What is the cost to try and recreate it?

ADATA has partnered with DriveSavers, the global industry leader in data recovery, eDiscovery and digital forensic services, to offer reliable and secure data recovery at a discounted rate.

If you need data recovery, contact DriveSavers and mention ADATA for 10% off your data recovery service.

Why does data loss happen?

It’s not a question of if, but when! Every data storage device will eventually fail. You need to back up your data consistently. Otherwise, everything you have ever created, installed or downloaded could be lost forever. Imagine the shock of losing your photos, music, videos, business documents, databases, revenue, and more. Reconstructing your lost data may be difficult and time consuming. Some data you may not be able to recreate at all.

There are many causes of data loss:

User error or deletion of data
File system corruption
Reformatting of the hard drive
Reinstallation of the operating system
Electronic or mechanical failure

What is professional laboratory data recovery?

No matter what the cause of failure, do not assume data is lost.

A professional data recovery service goes far beyond any software utility or end-user solution. Professional data recovery requires state-of-the-art facilities that include cleanroom laboratories and specialized tools. Data recovery engineers must be highly trained and experienced in the successful recovery of data from physically damaged media as well as corrupt files, file systems, partitions and directories.

DriveSavers engineers open and perform “microsurgery” on failed external hard drives in a dust– and contaminant-free Cleanroom environment. This prevents additional damage by particulate matter to internal hard drive components.

DriveSavers guarantees recovery of usable data files from any HDD.

How does it work?

The process is easy: Your external hard drive (ex-HDD) is shipped to the secure laboratory at DriveSavers for analysis
Specialized engineers perform a FREE laboratory evaluation of the failure. You are then informed of the probability of recovery and provided a cost estimate and options
Physically or mechanically damaged devices are opened for ”microsurgery” in a Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom
A physical image clone, or exact copy, of the original device is created. All recovery attempts are performed on this clone. Your original device and data are never compromised
Using proprietary software, your files are recovered and tested for integrity and functionality
Your recovered data is transferred to the media of your choice (new external drive, USB flash drive or via DataExpress) and delivered to you by FedEx within the specified turnaround time
In the unlikely event that your data is unrecoverable or if you choose not to move forward after the initial evaluation, there is no charge for the service

If you have experienced data loss, please contact a DriveSavers data recovery advisor to help you recover your important files. Visit for your international dialing code. Tell your advisor that you were referred by ADATA to receive a 10% discount.


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