Speed things up with the MFi-certified ADATA USB-C to lightning Cable with Power Delivery 30W support. Charge up your iPhone or iPad in no time! What's more, featuring a robust construction, it's designed to last and provide you with ultimate stability and reliability.

Empowered with Power Delivery

In combination with a 30W Power Delivery fast charger, this cable is able to charge up an iPhone 8 from zero to fifty percent in just thirty minutes, beating out standard Apple USB-A cables by a wide margin.

* Power Delivery fast charger not included.

Tough and Durable

From pulling, bending to continuous unplugging, this cable can take the punishment. It's tested to withstand loads of 4kg for one minute, 10,000 insertion cycles, and constant bending and warping.

High-Quality Materials

The cable sports wide 24 AWG gauge tinned copper wires with a multi-layered protective casing to reduce electromagnetic interference as well as data and power loss. The outer sleeve is made from highly elastic TPE to withstand cracking and deformation for a long-lasting product.

* The diagram is for illustrative purposes only.

Made for iPhones and iPads

The ADATA USB-C to lightning Cable is MFi-certified, which means it is designed to work with iPhones, iPods, and iPads. What's more, its USB-C specification ensures compatibility with USB-C devices for charging and data transmissions.