Streamline your mobile life with the ADATA 2-in-1 Micro USB/USB-C 2.0 Sync & Charge cable. Featuring interchangeable USB-C 2.0 and Micro USB connectors, a sturdy construction, and high-quality materials, this cable gives you convenience, durability and great performance.

Two Connector Types = Convenience

Simplify your life with a cable that has both Micro USB and USB-C connectors. No more fumbling around with two cables when on the go to charge and sync multiple Android devices.

A Durable Performer

A beautifully textured braided-nylon sleeve protects the cable from deformation and tangling. Combined with its multi-layered construction and wide 23AWG tinned copper wires with antioxidative properties, the cable provides effective charging, robust durability, and prevents electromagnetic interference.

1. Actual performance may vary depending on the device used with the cable.
2. The diagram is for reference only, and may not be an exact representation of the product.

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