Need the versatility to sync and charge your USB-C device via a Micro USB cable? Then the compact ADATA USB-C to Micro USB 2.0 adapter is just what you need.

Reversible USB-C Connector

Is the simple act of connecting a USB plug testing your patience? No more with USB-C because it is completely reversible. Many of the latest laptops, tablets, smartphones, and many other devices already feature USB-C.

Compact and Handy

With a USB-C male connector and a female Micro USB connector, you’ll never be caught off guard. This compact adapter can sit in your bag until the need to transfer files or charge via a Micro USB cable arises.

Near-Universal Compatibility

Whether you have a USB-C game console, smartphone, power bank or all of the above, you’ll be glad your ADATA USB-C to Micro USB 2.0 adapter is on hand.