Sporting an understated capless design and 64GB of capacity, carry around your massive collection of photos and videos in style with the UV260 flash drive.

Black and Gold, Elegant and Stylish

Featuring an exquisite glossy finish, the UV260's black and gold casing exudes a sense of style and professionalism.

Open with a Slide

The UV260's capless design ensures you'll never lose your drive cap and your cool. To use the drive just simply press, slide to open, and connect!

Lots of Space

With higher resolution mobile phone cameras come larger files. Don’t worry and snap away! The UV260 has you covered with 64GB of capacity.

Near Universal Compatibility

The UV260 works with just about any device out there from PCs, game consoles to car audio systems. Plug, play, and transfer files with ease.

Loop It, Carry It

A convenient lanyard hole makes for easy carrying. Attach the UV260 onto a lanyard, keychain and get going!