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Issued on : 02-19-2020
ADATA Getting Ready to Showcase its Latest Industrial-Grade Products at Embedded World 2020

Taipei, Taiwan – February 19, 2020 – ADATA Technology (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 3260.TWO), a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash products, is pleased to announce that it will be at Embedded World 2020 (Feb. 25 – 27) to showcase its latest industrial-grade solutions. At the show, ADATA will be demonstrating its next-generation industrial products, including solid state drives and memory cards. What’s more, ADATA will be showing, for the first time, high-capacity and high-performance DDR4 memory modules developed with 5G in mind, namely the 32GB ADATA DDR4 3200. Visit ADATA at Embedded World 2020 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Hall 1 – 410.         


High-Performance DDR4 for the 5G Era 

With a new technological era in sight, enterprises around the world are deploying 5G networks and implementing the use of cloud computing at a rapid rate. To meet the rising prevalence of big data analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and edge computing, high-capacity, high-performance memory solutions with low latency are essential. To meet these demands, ADATA will be presenting it cost-effective, low voltage (1.2V) DDR4 3200 U-DIMM and R-DIMM memory modules that come in 8, 16, and 32GB variants. 


Durable and Secure - A Strong Foundation for 5G 

With the deployment of 5G comes large growth in data and connectivity, therefore durability and security are of utmost importance. To address these concerns, the P/E Cycle (Program/Cycle, Write/Erase) of ADATA 3D TLC SSDs and SD/MicroSD memory cards has been upgraded to 3K, comparable to 2D MLC, which significantly extends product lifespans. What’s more, in the event of sudden unexpected power failures, ADATA’s Power Loss Protection (PLP) mechanism activates immediately to prevent data loss, which is especially suitable for outdoor usage scenarios where power supplies may be prone to unpredictable conditions, such as base stations, surveillance systems, transportation facilities, and other applications. As for Internet of Things and edge computing, which are integral to 5G, ensuring that large amounts of data are properly preserved and protected is an important prerequisite. To address these considerations, ADATA offers a number of technologies to uphold data security, including data encryption, secure erase, and write protection.


Customized Services - Flexible and Up to the Challenge

5G applications will soon cover all aspects of life, such as intelligent transportation, smart home, industrial Internet of things, and smart healthcare to name a few. Leveraging its proven and robust research and development and manufacturing capabilities, ADATA is well-positioned to provide customized solutions for the unique needs of each customer. These include products that comes equipped with PLP and anti-sulfuration properties. To provide products with added reliability and improved cost efficiency, ADATA implements its proprietary A+ SLC technology. It uses custom NAND Flash firmware with an A+ sorting algorithm to emulate SLC performance on MLC Flash. A+ SLC is highly reliable, provides excellent data integrity, and delivers a superb cost/performance balance.


Visit ADATA at Embedded World 2020 at the Exhibition Nuremberg Centre from February 25 -27, Hall 1 – 410. Please contact your ADATA representative to schedule a guided tour of the ADATA booth.


About ADATA – Innovating the Future

ADATA Technology is the world’s second largest vendor of DRAM memory modules, ranks among the top 20 international brands from Taiwan, and holds over 500 memory-related patents. ADATA’s main product lines include memory modules, USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives, and portable hard drives. With a commitment towards delivering innovation, quality, and performance, ADATA products have garnered international acclaim and awards including iF Design, Red Dot Design, CES Innovation, Good Design, COMPUTEX Best Choice, and Taiwan Excellence. The hummingbird is ADATA’s brand mascot, and it represents the company’s agility to innovate and improve people’s lives through technology. For more information, please visit