While seeking company growth, ADATA is committed to CSR and looks after stakeholders related to the organization. The stakeholders include employees, customers/consumers, suppliers, and shareholders. We provide diverse communication channels and platforms according to various stakeholders to learn and collect stakeholders' needs and opinions and provide active response and feedback.

Stakeholders Communication Channels

1.Regularly convene labor meetings to communicate and discuss problems related to labor rights.

2.The Company's internal website features an announcement area to provide staff members with company news.

3.A staff suggestion box is provided as a channel for staff members to express opinions.

4.Performance interviews are regularly held to ensure that staff members are receiving sufficient two-way communication with the management.

5.Educational training for new employees and regular skill / qualification tests for relevant personnel.

Customers / Consumers

1.Provide quality products and requirements that satisfy customers / consumers.

2.Regular and unscheduled business project meetings.

3.Customers / consumers can leave messages, email addresses, and telephone numbers through the official website or visit various stores / service centers to acquire product information.

4.Regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys and improve product development, quality, and services according to the investigation results, to increase customer satisfaction.


1.Strictly select qualified suppliers that meet environmental sustainability and industrial ethics standards.

2.Regularly audit and evaluate suppliers.

3.Regularly convene annual supplier conferences.

4.Provide supplier electronic communication platforms.

5.Regularly update conflict mineral source investigations.

6.Regularly update green supply chain system investigations.


1.Created an Investor Relations section on our main website to share the latest information about corporate governance, financial results, and dividends.

2.Built a two-way communication channel for company spokespersons and the Corporate Communication Department to gather and reply to investor and shareholder questions about company operations and status.

3.Set-up a dedicated email address and contact number for investors and shareholders to make suggestions and share ideas with regards to the continued growth of the company.

4.Holding annual shareholder meetings and earning calls/conferences as needed, including on demand due to circumstances.