For a variety of computer configurations, the quality and capacity of RAM ( Random-access memory ) modules affect system stability and execution speed a great deal. ADATA Premier Series memory modules are designed specifically to boost overall computer performance and ensure the stability of your systems. In thorough conformance with the industry standards, the Premier Series memory modules are stringently tested to ensure their compatibility and reliability, making them your first choice for memory upgrades in terms of quality and affordability. Choosing the Premier Series for your memory upgrade is a wise, worry-free decision that is backed by the same lifetime warranty that comes with all ADATA memory modules.

The ADATA Premier Series DDR 400MHz for desktops is a module composed of CMOS Double Data Rate SDRAM in TSOP ( Thin Small Outline Packaging ) or BGA (Ball Grid Array) packaging on a 184-pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. Running at 2.5 volts and 400MHz of the clock, the transmission bandwidth can achieve up to 3,200 MB/s by PC-3200 specification. The Premier Series DDR 400MHz modules are available in two capacities: 512 MB and 1 GB.

Conforms to Standards, Lives Up to Your Expectations

ADATA strictly adheres to quality standards, including those set by JEDEC ( the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council ) and ISO9001 . ADATA makes certain that the stability and performance of every memory module meets the highest quality criteria. Part of this process includes stringent testing of each memory module, requiring a 100% burn-in test score, thus ensuring compatibility and reliability with all major-brand motherboards. Choosing ADATA Premier Series products is the cost-effective solution for memory upgrade, due to the assured quality in compatibility and reliability.

What is DDR?

DDR SDRAM stands for Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. Unlike the older non-DDR, DDR SDRAM uses double pumping to enable data transfer on both the rising and falling edges of the clock signal, therefore significantly increasing data transfer speed ( up to twice the amount of data transfer, comparatively ).

Lifetime Warranty, Quality Guaranteed

n addition to our rigorous manufacturing process, ADATA ensures the quality of every memory module, and all are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.