At two meters in length, the 2.4A-rated ADATA Micro USB Sync |Charge 2M cable gives you double the reach of standard cables for added convenience. What’s more, a sturdy braided-nylon sleeve and connectors with aluminum housings protect it from everyday wear and tear.

You’ll Always Get It Right the First Time

No matter right side up or upside down, you’ll always plug in the cable’s USB-A connector in one go because it’s reversible.

Made to Withstand and Perform

Over time, some cables can become damaged leading to compromised functionality. An elegant and robust braided-nylon sleeve protects the Micro USB 2M cable from deformation and tangling. On the inside, it uses wide 2.4A-rated* tinned copper wires with antioxidative properties for excellent conductivity and robust durability.

1. Actual performance may vary depending on the device used with the cable.
2. The diagram is for reference only, and may not be an exact representation of the product.

Supports a Variety of Micro USB Devices

With Micro USB and USB-A connectors, the ADATA Micro USB 2M cable syncs your data and keeps your Micro USB devices charged, from smartphones, tablets, to wireless speakers.

Extend Your Reach

You can’t always control where your power source is, but you can control how long your cable is. With this extra-long 2-meter cable, you’ll never be at the mercy of the power outlet again.

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