Sporting an engraved floral pattern and lively pastel colors, the compact and portable 5000mAh T5000C power bank is a breath of fresh spring air.

Travel Thin and Light

Weighing in at a mere 125g and featuring an ultra-thin 1.42cm form factor, the T5000C is lighter and thinner than most smartphones.

Store in Style

When not in use, store the T5000C in the included pouch made from a soft suede-like fabric and featuring a matching floral pattern and color.

Charge Two at Once

The T5000C features two USB ports (Type-A & Type-C) with an output current of up to 3.0A, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously.

* USB Type-C cable sold separately

Bi-Direction Charging Convenience

The T5000C's USB Type-A and Type-C ports support Bi-Direction charging. This means you'll only need one cable for charging the T5000C and all your devices, from mobile phone to game console.

* USB Type-C cable sold separately

Comprehensive Protection

Safe operations are guaranteed thanks to the device's protective measures against over-charge, over-discharge, over-heating, short-circuit, and over-voltage in input and output.