USB drive online recovery

USB Flash Drive Online Recovery is a repair tool that saves you time and effort. If, when you connect the flash drive, the drive cannot be read, or if you see a message saying that the drive needs to be formatted, you can use this online tool to attempt to repair the device. The easy to understand interface can be an immediate solution to existing problems on the drive, saving you time and money. This online tool is accessible from anywhere on the internet, and available 24 hours a day.

* The repair process will delete all data on your flash drive. Please backup all data before using.
* This software will restore the drive function, but not recover data on the drive.
* Hardware Requirements: Support for USB 2.0 port, internet connection (This software requires an active online connection to function)
* System Requirements: Windows XP SP3 or later (login with Administrator rights)

■Step 1. Check the serial number on the connector. How to check?
■Step 2. Enter the serial number on your flash drive connector.
Validation code
 * After clicking Submit, the system will automatically search for the correct repair tool for you to download.
■Step 3. Connect the flash drive to be repaired to the computer.
■Step 4. Run your saved file, and the online repair process will commence.
Read the operation steps
Operation steps
■Step 1. Unpack the compressed file to C:\
■Step 2. Insert the USB device
■Step 3. Download and click ORU.exe. The following display will appear
■Step 4. When the USB drive is detected, you will have the choice to repair.
Repair progress status will display.
■Step 5. Repair finished.
 Repair failed. If you encounter this message, please contact ADATA Customer Service